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Napoleon Dynamite - Junior Review


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Napoleon Andrew Dustin Dynamite, known simply as Napoleon Dynamite, is a 16-year-old center from Preston, Idaho. Napoleon is an incredibly awkward young man who has spent most of his high school days being the outcast. Most of the time, Napoleon is finding himself being bullied, pushed around, or even beat up. When frustrated, especially around the people he loves, he gets a bit loud and braggadocious. But, we aren’t here to talk about that.


What many people don’t know, or even consider as possible, is that Napoleon is an incredibly talented hockey player. While Preston High does not have a team for Napoleon to play on, he often finds himself at the indoor hockey rink 30 minutes south of Preston, Idaho in North Logan, Utah. This was where he got his first job helping rent out skates, and when he has spare time he will lace up the skates and play. One day, after work, Napoleon laced up his skates, picked up a stick, and started shooting at the net. It became very apparent that Napoleon had a natural talent, seamlessly sniping in shots in the corners. The local hockey league president observed his natural ability and got him to join the North Logan Grizzlies. Napoleon’s skill brought him quickly to the first line where he was the best center around.


Napoleon quickly gained notoriety. He was given a raise at the rink, as people would come simply to watch the awkward teen interact with people but then destroy opponents on the ice. It was an anomaly, and people loved it. This news made its way to scouts for the Victory Hockey League and a few of the VHL minor league teams began looking into Napoleon. After hearing about this, Napoleon put himself out there and stated that he would play professional hockey, if given the chance. 


Napoleon’s natural ability is not enough to make him a professional player, but this ability is something that can be trained and managed. At his current level of playing he is easily a point-per-game player and dominate in the face-off circle, winning over 85% of the face-offs he has taken. He has an incredible ability to win the face-off between the legs of his opponent, skate right around him, and burry the puck quickly behind the opposing goalie. For a lanky, skinny, uncoordinated teenager, this kid has raw talent that, under the right leadership, could become something amazing. The local Preston and North Logan communities are excited to see what could happen with their local awkward center. 

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