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AK 92 intro


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After some thoughts I decided that I could have a try with another player. Who the hell knows how active will I be with TPE on summer, but for this moment I should be fine with max earning. I did mention in Riga LR that this player may be my last ever sim league player. Not 100% guarantee, but for some reason I have a feeling my activity will drop by the end of this year. I have no big real life plans as of now, but the sixth sense is saying that there may be some changes in real life and sim leagues won't be much of anything for me. So if this indeed will be my last player, I do want him to have a nice career. With good stats and shitload of awards. How am I gonna try to get it? I think I have a plan how to excecute that, but more about that in the next season. I think my plan may tank my draft stock a bit, but I don't give a damn about the draft position honestly. My highest draft position was #3 and that's fine with me. Ok, first overall. But I don't really know if we can count the Latvian sim league, so let's say #3 was the highest one. In this league the highest ever position was #4 and I think it happened twice. With both goalies actually.


Anyways, there is one announement regarding my player: if he will be drafted by other team that Riga I WILL RETIRE MY PLAYER....


.....ok nah, this was a false alert. All other 15 teams will have an equal shot at my player. So let's see who will get him cause I don't have a first round pick. Neither a second round. Would be silly to expect him dropping as low as the third rounder...even if I will keep that hehe. Some could do a troll and say he isn't even worth of being a picked in the third round. But alright, we all know he will maybe go to the first round. But maybe not, the S84 draft promises to be a recreate heavy so there is not even a guarantee I will be drafted in the first round. However, I already said I have no fucks given which draft position. If anything I was always having fun in being drafted low and then becoming a steal. That's exactly what I'm trying to do in WSBL as well.


By the way, I mentioned that other 15 teams will have an equal shot at my player. That's because I don't care which team will draft me, I'm fine with all of them. My loyality depends on other factors which will be mentioned next season somewhere before the offseason maybe.


Also, no meta here. He will have 40 or low passing in general in minors and E, but I will bring it up to 75-80 in my rookie season. I'm still a firm believer that defenders need some passing as having 40 is useless for the most part.


Anyways, this was the intro of my player who may be my last ever.


That's it and I'm out.

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