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Jake Thunder - PSR


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He’s a low profile kid you wouldn’t expect to be a fierce, hard-hitting, all out powerful player.  That is until he puts on his skates and steps onto the ice.  He’s a crusher, a smasher, and best of all, he sacrifices his body for the team.  Who is this mean machine?  Well, he’s not flashy, his puck handling needs to improve, his scoring is low, he will not any time soon be the first star.  But he’s a player every team needs.  He goes all out whenever he’s on the ice.  He doesn’t let up, no matter the score.  He is very competitive; he wants to win every game and he wants the team to be the best it can be.    


He’s Jake Thunder.  A 6-3 native of Quebec, with dual U.S. citizenship since the age of 3.  He grew up on a farm in a small town in Maine.  That’s where he got his massive strength, endless endurance, and hard work ethics.  Thunder feels no pain, but dishes out plenty.  He has led in hits on every team he plays on.  Thunder bruises the opponents and leaves them tired, hesitant, and unable to shoot on goal.  He flat out punishes the other teams.


You’d think a hard hitting defenseman like Jake Thunder would rack up penalties, but that’s not so.  He never leads his team in penalty minutes.  In fact, he tries to avoid penalties and frustrates opponents with his defensive prowess.  The penalties he often gets are sometimes “make up” penalties handed out by referees who have a tendency to try to provide an even keel game, especially when Thunder is laying out opponents.  Thunder doesn’t look for fights but he will drop the gloves for his teammates.  His massive fists and quickness puts the opponents in an unforgiven predicament.  He pounds the opponents and ends the fights quickly, and as soon as the fights are over, he’s wishing his adversary a speedy recovery.  He loves the sport.


A recent projection shows Thunder at #14, but there are so many variables in the league, its anyone’s guess.  He could go sooner than that, or he could go much later, but the team who picks him will do so because they want a steady player who wants to win.  They like what he has to offer, that is his “pros” and they have a plan to help him improve his “cons.”


Thunder’s pros are that he’s a hard hitting defenseman with a good balance of strength, checking, and skating skills.  In addition to these skills being so highly regarded, Jake Thunder is a steady player who puts in maximum effort week in week out, and is sure to maximize his TPE earnings each week.  He’s a team player and is loyal to his teammates.  He spends many hours searching the VHL and learning.


Thunder’s cons include his scoring, puck handling, and passing.  When these skills improve, Jake Thunder will surely be one of the top defensemen in the league.  Another problem Jake Thunder has in the league, is that he has yet to figure out the graphics and its not for a lack of trying.  He’s spent hours trying to improve his graphics skills but to no avail.


Jake Thunder is aware of his deficiencies and has laid out a plan to overcome them quickly, which include dumping TPE in those skills where he can help his team the most.


When asked where Thunder would like to go, he responded in the most humble way that he wants to be on a team where he can contribute the most and he wants to be his best at all times.


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