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Maple Weighing Options


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VHL.com - by Dodge Loompaw


Rookie phenom Dogwood Maple is reportedly considering at least three potential landing spots for his VHLM debut.  While there have been rumors of where he might land, he and his agent have played this decision close to the vest.  They are adamant that he is not close to a decision and has gone back and forth between his suitors about where to sign.  We reached out to his former coaches who divulged that Maple is currently leaning towards a colder climate, but that may not be entirely helpful.   When asked what he's looking for in his ultimate destination, sources tell us that Maple prefers an active locker room with a franchise who can best prepare him for his eventual transition to VHL.  He allegedly favors overall team success over individual accolades, but has stressed that bringing out his best qualities is the number one priority he is looking for in a new home.  If there's a landing spot that checks those boxes, look for Maple to make a decision in the next 24-48 hours and officially join a team.  Our scouting director sees Maple as an under-the-radar player who has the potential to be a breakout star, so a team could be getting a steal here with Dogwood.


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