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Road To 50 Wins - Achieved

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When Augustus Kennedy entered the league late, almost 100 TPE behind some of his counterparts in goal, his worries were simply that he would not amount to be anything of great success in his rookie year, simply due to being behind so many great talents on the other teams, however Saskatoon really helped him break out of his shell and as of this past sim, he has now achieved his 50th win of his early career in just 68 starts, with a record of 50-17-1. On top of achieving a huge milestone of wins, he also leads the league in GAA amongst starters (2.74%) and also has the third best SV% amongst starters (0.895%). If that wasn't impressive enough, Augustus has also captured 4 shutouts in his career, tied third in the league among all goalies, and has also assisted on 6 goals for his team, with some end to end magic on the ice. Overall, this went from being a very 'worrisome' season to the best result Augustus could've asked for, and he can only thank the team and management that has been put in front of him, without them, he'd be nowhere, likely a nobody, failing miserably. 

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