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Mini podcast with Minion S1 E5


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It's great to hear you doing podcasts again. I feel like a lot of your concerns are contradictory or unfounded though.


For example, you say that the change could screw over Welfare only people because it takes more TPE to update their Scoring now. But then later you suggest increasing the cap to make up for the fact that updating Scoring is harder. Obviously increasing the cap doesn't help Welfare players.


Second, a lot of your concerns is literally that the meta is less accessible, which is the entire point. It's GOOD that it takes more TPE to increase Scoring, i.e. being a meta player. One of the largest concerns with the meta is that you only need a team full of 400-500 TPE players following the same build could be dominant, a la the Wolves. So it makes sense that players that have reached the (MASSIVE AIR QUOTES) "optimal build" are now going to require a big cap hit.


Finally, as much as we value all members, including Welfare only players, I don't feel we need to be too sympathetic to Welfare only players for not being as competitive as members who do Point Tasks. What right does a member who earns half as much as others have to be competitive with those members? It's absolutely acceptable to earn what you can at your own rate and pace, but the trade-off is that you're going to be less competitive ultimately.



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