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Noodles and a Multi-point Game


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So, on March 5, Noodles Marconi, in his eighth VHLM game with the Mexico City Kings,  stepped it up and produced his first multi-point game.  He was instrumental in 3 of the 4 goals scored by the Kings.  2 Goals and 1 Assist.  This brought his point total at that time to 5.  In one game he managed to more than double his production over the previous seven games.  What really adds to this accomplishment is that Noodles was able to do this playing only 11:52 minutes and no power play time.  Unfortunately, this effort was somewhat wasted as the Houston Bulls prevailed over the Kings by a score of 6 - 4.  Noodles warmed up part way through the second period by getting a secondary assist on a goal by AK92 Wit da Hoodie @hedgehog337.  He then blasted one by Ali Des Aves @ViprVipe for his first goal.  Late in the third period Noodles was again able to chip one by Des Aves for his second of the game.  This game seems to have ignited Noodles as he has been on a point per game pace since.

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