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VHL Cracks Down on Wolves implements goalie interference rule

Ian Kingston

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Ohhhhhh shit…. After several years of Vancouver Wolves dominance the rest of the league have had enough and wanted the commissioner to finally crack down on their antics once and for all. To the naked eye the Wolves are a top notch team that utilize cutting edge analytics to their advantage. However their strategies in player development have caused a ripple effect across the league. Their strategy revolves around crashing everyone into the net with reckless abandon. This also means crashing into the goalie. Goalie interference? What the fuck is that? Because of their tactics goalies have been struggling more than ever as players are charging into them shortening their careers and deterring players from trying the position. Well now the league is finally taking notice and starting next season will implement proper goalie interference rules.


Wolves, I’d say win a championship now, but yeah this might be your last shot before everything goes into DEFCON 1. You might have an Astros level scandal on your hands. 

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