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Playoff Time in LAV

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Las Vegas Aces fans, we meet once again. For now, we are still 4th in our conference and the 7th seed in VHLM overall. 


Right as of now, we would be facing the 2nd seed overall in the playoffs. That would be the Saskatoon Wild who has had our number for the past few seasons. I hope it is the Houston Bulls instead because I feel like the Wild would sweep up 4-0 in the series. After all, we haven't been able to overcome a single win against them. Most of the games have been close as well. Most of the scores have been 4-3. I would prefer the Philadelphia Reapers as well because we have a better record against them in the regular season. Honestly, seeds 1-3 could change in the matter of these few last games so everything counts. The Ottawa Lynx have surged to the 4th seed in the conference and they will be facing the Mexico City Kings in the playoffs. The Miami Marauders as of right now will be facing the Philadelphia Reapers who are the 3rd seed in the conference. The last three lottery teams are Halifax 21st, San Diego Marlins, and the Mississauga Hounds. 


Now, we move to the VHLE. The Cologne Express still holds the 1st seed in the VHLE just behind the Stockholm Vikings who have jumped up to the 2nd seed and Rome Gladiators who are still fighting for that top seed in the VHLE. The Istanbul Red Wolves and Geneva Rush also maintain their position heading into the playoffs. The Vasteras Iron Eagles and Oslo Storm are the only two teams who are under .500 and will remain under .500 for the rest of the season. 


Then, it's the big leagues in the VHL. The Vancouver Wolverines are the best team on the block and have played fewer games than the LA Stars. Then, it's London United, Calgary Wranglers, Prague Phantoms, Riga Reign, Seattle Bears, Malmo Nighthawks, Moscow Menace, Warsaw Predators, and Toronto Legion all over .500. No teams at .500 so the teams that currently stand under .500 are the Helsinki Titans, New York Americans, HC Davos Dynamo, D.C. Dragons, and Chicago Phoenix. 


Finally, I wanted to talk about the leaders right now. Jerome Reinhart leads the VHL in not only points but goals. He was my choice to be the top goal-scorer in the league behind Taylor Mourning and Darth Kaprizov. Battre Sandstrom created an edge on Taro Tsujimoto with 91 assists for the season. He also has the most points on defense. Jerome Reinhart is just a wrecking machine. Not only does he lead on points and goals, he leads for the most shots and the most points as a forward. Last but not least, we have the rookie race where Matt Avens is just 1 point ahead of Nils Godlander on the most points. The third-best player is Zaza Colors with just 106 points. The race is coming down to those two players at the end. I have Nils Godlander just edging Matt Avens out. 


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15 hours ago, xNJDevilsFanx said:

I have Nils Godlander just edging Matt Avens out. 

I hope you're right, as that would give me 2 TPE (probably)😅

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24 minutes ago, Daniel Janser said:

I goofed around and put all my money on Calgary players...

We all do questionable things sometimes, like picking Bek's goalie in the VHFL.🤷‍♂️

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