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A somber reminder to be kind


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This article will serve as a friendly reminder/my final post on the boards for awhile. 


For 40 years as a white male, well i had my obsticles i never faced discrimination like many of my fellow humans. I have for all purposes had white privlage well i may not know it. I can say i haven never been attacked or denied an opportunity for being me.


However, as a proud russian living happily in Canada i can say this no more. For the last 20 years i have lived in Canada, learned english. Started a family, built a company, and made a good life for myself.


Now each day because of a war i did not start, nor condone. I am the victim of profiling. Over the last week thanks to a wave of everything anti russia. My house/car windows have been smashed in. Ive had to repaint my garage door. I have been spit at and my life threatened. All because the media has created an illusion we are all bad people. This happening to me has brought me shame for ever having profiled someone before. Well i try not too, i have unconsciously done this, and seeing the power media has over public opinion has me shamed, that i fell for it too.


So this is a friendly reminder for everyone before i have to step away. Be kind to everyone, dont judge someone based on looks/background/religion/skin colour. Like Leafs fans(just some light humor here) a majority of these people are just like you and me. They want to be happy and live their lives. We arent criminals/warmongers. 


I can speak for many when i say MANY Russians do not agree with this war. They like you are ashamed of their leader and what he is doing. Be kind we are all human.


Thank you,

Best of luck 


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