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Warsaws Seasons End


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With the season coming to an end, it is now confirmed that Warsaw was just not strong enough to make it to the playoffs. With many breakout seasons for every player, the question is will they make it next season? Well, next season is next season lets just reward the players with the recognition they deserve. Bogdan Trunov with the amazing 134 points and 82 of them being assists, and Brian Moreau with 127 points and 53 of them being goals. Those are just the top 2-point producers on the team, but what I find impressive is the sophomore year that Zach Kisslinger had, 124 points on the season. This is only his second season, what will his limits be in the future then? The 2 rookies on the team were, well amazing. Brendan Marner showing no fear collecting 310 hits on the season with 100 points, all as a rookie, and Robert Wilk, well 84 points and 112 hits himself? That just shows the heart on the team. The old guy also showing love as a defence Chicken Wing has 86 points 146 hits and of course 242 blocked shots. All the defence played well, Barron Kruulenstien with 22 points in 22 games, 65 blocked shots in that span, R having 23 points in 44 games and 110 blocked shots in those games as well Tynan Sylvester with 40 points in 50 games and of course 92 hits and 151 blocked shots for him as well. Last mention Needs to be the crazy year the goalie Tater Tot had a 32-26-6 record and a 0.922 save percentage, simply amazing Warsaw!

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