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  1. Award Predictions x2 is looking mighty fine now
  2. NEW YORK AMERICANS PRESS CONFERENCE Week Ending 02/28 1. S76 has ended, and we finished with a record of 27-36-9. How do you feel? 2. What changes do you think will be made for us in the off-season? (Draft, UFA, Trades, etc.) 3. Does a specific game stick out to you over this past season? 4. Why do you play your position? 5. Will an NYA Rookie (Red Lite, Chicken Wing, Thadius Sales, RJ Thatcher, Liam Fischl) take home the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy (Rookie of the Year)? 6. Did you watch the NHL games at Lake Tahoe this past weekend? Do you
  3. The Season 76 VHL season has concluded, meaning Warsaw Predators Centre Dakota Lamb has now completed 4 of his 8 regular seasons prior to mandatory retirement. It seems like it has flown by so far, and putting it like that is making me really regret choosing to stay down with Miami in S73. Obviously no ill will towards Miami or anything, just feels like a wasted season in the career of Lamb. However, he has still been an absolute beast in his time spent in the VHL, posting 93 Goals and 146 Assists for 239 Points in 216 Regular Season games. Although his rookie year, S74, was his be
  4. Feels weird applying to 2 VHL jobs in a row without VHLM GM experience. I'd just like to get my name out there. Good luck to the applicants!
  5. You know how I feel. Always better for those people with less on their resume to get these jobs, but will happily take any team.
  6. dlamb

    NYA/CGY/DAV; S76

    Good luck Prout, sad to see you go. Welcome to the Americans @linsangeles!
  7. NEW YORK AMERICANS PRESS CONFERENCE Week Ending 02/21 1. We seem to have Calgary's number this season, going 4-1-1 against a playoff-caliber team. What makes us step up in games vs. the Wranglers? 2. Also, we seem to love the shootout this year, having 8 games go to the "skills competition" to decide the outcome. Do you like shootouts, or should there be an alternative way to end games? 3. FrostBeard recently revealed he would be stepping down as Malmo Nighthawks General Manager after the season. Who would you recommend take over the position? 4. VHL The
  8. Warsaw, Poland -- Warsaw Predators Centre Dakota Lamb is having another great year with the team, as the Predators are soaring high with a 41-10-5 record. With the club having such a great year, and a high amount of draft hits over the last few seasons, some may find themselves going to Warsaw's Finances page and see that Lamb currently has a player option that he can choose to decline if he so wishes. We talked to Lamb about it, and here is what he had to say: If Lamb really is telling the truth here, Warsaw will have to navigate the salary cap carefully, as Aloe D
  9. Woo! Finally earned your spot in the bigs. Good luck @snackhero, @glass next?
  10. Yeah, why not. I apply. Good luck to the applicants!
  11. VHL Main Account - @VHL_Sim VHL: HC Davos Dynamo - @DavosDynamo London United - @TheLondonUnited Riga Reign - @RigaReign_sim Seattle Bears - @VHLSeattleBears Toronto Legion - @LegionToronto VHLM: Halifax 21st - @21stHalifax Houston Bulls - @BullsVHLM Miami Marauders - @MaraudersMiami Minnesota Storm - @FrankFunk_GM (GM Account) San Diego Marlins - @vhlm_Marlins
  12. Hey Moscow, want to lose sometime soon? I'd like some breathing room
  13. This theme week has me confused on what to make for a graphic, so I did a newspaper front page that included some articles talking about what players are up to this week. This is my first (and more than likely last) attempt at this, but it was fun.