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  1. Why in the world are players from Greenland emerging suddenly? In the portal era, not even one existed until Season 70. In the last 9 seasons, we have seen 13 players, to mostly successful careers. Nothing on the forums seems to indicate the sudden surge of Greenlandic players. Besides some half-jokingly suggestions about an expansion team there (mostly @GustavMattias calling for the Nuuk Nukes), not much seems to indicate where this all started. A potential theory is members being FROM Greenland (hello if you are reading!), but none of my research has confirmed that to be true. Join me a
  2. Can we at least get the votes to be shown in public? Don't want any collusion of sorts
  3. 2. Who was the MVP of the Prague series for Warsaw? I think it would be Latrell Mitchell. He has been the backbone for the entire team thus far. 4. What, in your opinion, is the best of all the basic shapes? A circle. No start or end point, and theoretically an infinite number of vertices. 5. Seattle pulled off a sweep of an upstart LA team today. What are your thoughts on our potential future competitors? Seattle is definitely rolling, which is surprising to me. I didn't realize how good they look, however I think, once again, EU is the tougher conferen
  4. You never fail to blow out my eardrums at the start But great casual listening as always, looking forward to more. But, >
  5. lmfao GG
  6. Thank you to all the people that applied, if I could have multiple AGMs, I would! However, there can only be one, and I would like to announce the new AGM for the Ottawa Lynx! This candidate, albeit a newer member to the VHL, definitely stood out to me as someone who has real potential in the VHL management scene. I definitely think that he can help bring the Lynx back to the top! Without further ado, congrats to @JB123!
  7. Yeah, just loaded a retro card into ps (specifically the one below) lowered the opacity to like 50% and tried to replicate it as well as possible.
  8. Yeah, I found a retro card just on Google images and made my own from scratch based on that, appreciate it!