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Girts Galvins - Scoring Leader!


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A young Latvian hockey players dream has finally come true! Girts Galvins currently leads the league in goal scoring and point scoring!! With an amazing 17 goals and 34 points in just 16 games, Galvins is setting the VHL on fire along with linemate Brendan Marner who has 33 points himself! Warsaw is playing great as a team and Girts has finally become the elite superstar he always strived to be on the scoresheet. Of course now that I've wrote an article he will probably go into the shitter, but I will always have this moment in time and tbh it feels great! 


Growing up in Latvia Galvins always dreamed of one day becoming a star in the VHL, he took shots every day in the driveway for hours and wanted his shot to be his most powerful weapon. He scored a ton of goals in Latvian youth leagues and then eventually was drafted to the VHLM and played 1 season for Vegas scoring 43 goals in 72 games. His scoring was translating to the higher leagues and he was off and running. It was then on to the VHLE where he played one season for Bratislava and once again buried goals at a good pace with 32 in 72 games. He was proving he can score in the top leagues for his age group and scouts speculated he could become a star one day. In his rookie VHL season it was a huge wake up call as he oddly struggled. In limited ice time and a 3rd line role he only scored 7 goals in 72 games. Everyone was shocked at the drop of in production, Girts himself was depressed but he did not quit, he vowed to work even harder and reach his full potential in the VHL. In his second season he had a huge jump to 29 goals and then stayed consistent in his 3rd season with 27 goals. Girts showed he can score at the VHL level, but he was not yet an elite superstar. Now here we are in his 4th season and he has exploded for 17 goals in just 16 games, which is an insane pace but he's showing he can be one of the most talented goal scorers in the world. 


Galvins wants to thank his great teammates who made this all possible for him and he hopes he can continue light the lamp at this pace all season for them. Warsaw is looking to win their 2nd championship in 3 seasons, after winning in 2 seasons ago and then dominating the regular season last year but falling short in the playoffs, the team hopes they can bring the cup back to Warsaw this season. If Girts and the top dogs in Warsaw continue to play like this then we definitely like their chances. 


Warsaw is currently 11-4-1 and in first place in the European conference, but it's a tight race as always with Davos, Moscow and Prague not far behind. Should be a good battle all season to see who gets the division title. We will keep an eye on this race as well as Galvins quest to become league scoring champion. I mean who tf knows but for now we're happy to see him doing well and getting rewarded for all his hard work! 




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