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Claimed:Reign Core of S35 and S36 Some of the Best Ever in Riga [6/6 FINAL]

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Reign Core of S35 and S36 Some of the Best Ever in Riga




     It is not a stretch to say that the history of the Riga Reign has not been filled with success. Although the team enjoyed a moderate amount of success during the teen years of the league, the Reign were left without a Continental Cup until Season Thirty-three. The Hall of Fame is also rather bare of life-long members of the team during this time period. While the current core in Riga may more may not even have a hall of fame caliber player, they will without a doubt eventually go down as some of the best ever to suit up for the Reign.


Brennan McQueen – LW – S35

GP: 347 G: 204 A: 212 PTS: 416 +/- 86 PIM: 837 HIT: 1778 SB: 243


     When all is said and done, Brennan McQueen will most likely go down as the best Riga Reign of his generation, and the player with the best (and possibly only) chance of making the Hall of Fame. Originally selected seventh overall in the Season Thirty-Five VHL Entry Draft by the Seattle Bears, McQueen joined the Reign via trade. Captain of the team since his VHL debut in Season Thirty-Six, McQueen has been a two-way force, winning the Scott Boulet trophy in Season Thirty-Seven and Season Thirty-Eight, while also potentially adding more to her collection in the next few seasons. Currently, McQueen is seventh all-time in goals, ninth in points, and second in hits, trailing only Miles Larson. If he can average his current level of play over his last two seasons, McQueen has the opportunity to end up tied for second in games played, within the top four in goals and points, and is also currently on pace to become Riga’s all-time hits leader. Without a doubt, McQueen will go down as one of the all-time greats to wear the orange and blue.


Robin Gow – C – S36

GP: 347 G: 124 A: 264 PTS: 388 +/- 82 PIM: 118 HIT: 207 SB: 136


     How high this member of the Gow family is able to climb up the ranks will all depend on how many seasons he continues to play. Drafted second overall in the Season Thirty-Six VHL Entry Draft by the Riga Reign, Robin started off his career with pretty average point totals, due to a relative lack of skill and slotting into the second line for a large portion of his beginning seasons, but has recently come to form with what could be his first one-hundred point season, although he finds himself once again as the number two center on the team. While he has no hardware of to his name, Robin may be a contender for the Alexander Beketov trophy in the next couple of seasons. Currently Robin is twelfth all-time in points and tenth all-time in assists. If Robin doesn’t retire in the next couple of seasons, he has the potential to end up within the top five in games played and points, while also potentially becoming the all-time leader in assists. Unless he puts up some absolutely spectacular seasons at the end of his career, Robin’s chances of making the Hall of Fame are next to none, but he will be one of the best to ever have represented the Reign.



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Content: 3/3 - Very detailed and interesting article identifying two cornerstones of the Riga franchise and where they might settle amongst the Riga greats when it is all said and done.  As a long-time Rigan (?) with Tarik, this reminds me a lot of the players that the franchise had back in the teen years.  Crazy to believe it took 33 seasons to win a title!  ~550.


Grammar: 2/2

Thirty-three = Thirty-Three (just wanted to point out you capitalized all of the others :P)

hardware of to his name = hardware to his name


Appearance: 1/1 - Sure.



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