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Klajums looks forward to VHLM, Draft


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For some time the Latvian netminder has been plugging away in the Juniors trying to pave a way to the big leagues and now he might get his chance, the S42 draft eligible goalie has since qualified for waiver pickup in the VHLM and looks ahead to the draft and the opportunity to make an impact on a team in the minors, to develop on his way to a lengthy career in the VHL. "I've tried to improve on my weaknesses this season. It's all been about rounding out my game so I can compete day in and day out with the more experienced guys and I think I'm heading in the right direction." he told an interviewer Tuesday. 


Faced with the question of goalie depth in the draft he said, "There's certainly some studs there, no doubt. But my goal here late in the season is to try to be a sleeper here and where ever I go I'm going to make sure I'm not a wasted pick. I think I've got lots to build on so I'll keep plugging away and hopefully I'll be as optimistic a mood coming into the draft."

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