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A look at Jakobssen's time in the VHLM thus far. [6/6 FINAL]

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A look at Jakobssen’s time in the VHLM thus far.




After being drafted by the Saskatoon Wild in the second round of the season 39 VHLM dispersal draft, Rami Jakobssen’s come a long way. Although Jakobssen came into the draft as a highly touted prospect, there were still plenty of questions surrounding him. Being a client of Philthethrill, he had pretty big shoes to fill; as Phil’s last client, Malcom Spud, went on to have a very successful career. This time around, many people questioned whether or not Rami would put in the work to become just as successful. Thus far, Jakobssen’s done very well, and it looks as though he’s on track to have a solid VHL career.


Anyways, starting his journey in season 39, Jakobssen was getting 1st line minutes, as well as power play time for the Wild. Playing along-side fellow draftees Kurtis Hunter and Jarome Iginla, things were looking good. With most of the players on the Wild being VHL draft eligible, Saskatoon was one of the hardest-working team’s out there, and that showed in the standings. It came down to the final game to decide who would win the conference, and the Wild ended up 1 point short. While it was disappointing not to earn that top seed, they still made the playoffs, and had plenty of positives to reflect on. 6 players on the roster had over a point per game, and one of which was Jakobssen. Rami put up 24 goals, and 51 assists, equaling out to a 75 point season


 Saskatoon was playing the Brampton Blades in the 1st round of the playoffs, and although they were the favorites heading in, Brampton wouldn’t go easily. The Blades took the series to 7 games, where the Wild came out victorious. The Ottawa Lynx, who finished 1 point ahead of the Wild in the regular season, were up next. Most looked at this series as the one that would decide who took home the championship, as these were the 2 favorites.  After having another 7 game series, Ottawa bested Saskatoon, and were headed to the final. Jakobssen lead the Wild in scoring during the playoffs, with 16 points in 14 games, but that meant nothing after they were sent packing.




The Wild felt as if they had been robbed of a championship, as they had some of the top players in the league, and one of, if not the hardest-working team. Luckily, most of Saskatoon’s line-up would be returning for season 40, and Rami was among those players. Unfortunately, Mason Richardson, the Wild’s leader on the blue-line wouldn’t be returning, and that loss in the playoffs marked the end of the road for him. Keeping in mind that the rest of their top players were returning, the Wild kept working hard, and come season 40, they were easily one of the early favorites to win the championship.


Jakobssen, Hunter, Rubin, and Iginla are now top players in the VHLM, and the management team picked up a couple steals in the draft. Griffin Simons and Nik Kurri were 2 additions that provide some secondary scoring for Saskatoon. On top of the new draftees, Jakub Rhinehart was picked up on waivers and has probably been the team’s hardest working player this season.


Fast-forward to the trade deadline, and Saskatoon has been having an unbelievable season. With the best record in the conference (by far) the team is living up to the hype that fans had built prior to the season’s start. Jakobssen and many of the season 39 returnees have been playing great hockey as well. While it seemed as if they didn’t need to make a move, the management saw otherwise, and pulled the trigger on a pretty big move. Borje Samuelsson was brought over in exchange for Light Bokan and a 3rd round pick in season 42. Borje is one of the top defenders in his draft class, and adding him to a defensive core that already includes Rubin and Rhinehart, is scary good.


After the trade deadline passed, Jakobssen and the Wild just kept on rolling. Now 64 games into the season and the Wild have not only clinched a playoff spot, but the conference title. Rami sits 4th on the team in scoring, with 32 goals, and 52 assists, for a total of 84 points! With 9 more points than last season, and 8 games to go,  it’s easy to say that Jakobssen’s a much better player now then he was at this time last season.




While 84 points is still a pretty good season, Jakobssen feels as if he could have done a lot more this year. Although, regardless of his production, Rami’s still got his teammates to chat with in the Wild’s locker room, a second shot at a championship come playoff time and the start to his VHL career next season to look forward too. These 2 seasons with the Wild have been a blast for the young man, and he wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

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