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Olsen Sucks, Even With Good Team


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Jarkko was supposed to ride off into the sunset this season with his best year statistically ever. Instead, he's experienced very little success and struggled for most of his time. He spent the first half of his season with Davos, after re-joining the team in free agency. Olsen was the lone skating veteran on the club, spending most of his time with younger players and unproven practice squad members. He was able to perform at a mediocre pace, but without much talent around him he wasn't able to really break out like he had planned. 


Then he was sent to the Riga Reign in order to allow him to compete one last time before his retirement becomes official, and yet his fortunes haven't changed. He has struggled to put the puck in the net since coming to Riga, and has only had mild success in picking up assists. Even so, that hasn't been a frequent occurrence for Olsen, who has struggled in all areas. 


Olsen will be looking to improve before the playoffs roll around to be in prime shape for a cup run. 

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sorry, man. wish we could have put you in a good spot earlier in the season. hopefully the playoff MVP run happens


The point being, that even now I still suck.


My hopes of being better this season were wrong ha. This is what I get for going inactive in my prime teepz earnin' years.

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