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VHL This Week (November 16, 2014)


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VHL This Week

Edition 7


Welcome back to VHL This Week!  The most exciting time of the season is right around the corner as the playoffs are about to commence!  But before we get to the playoffs, there is a lot of important news around the league.




Congratulations to all the playoff teams!  From the North American Conference we have the New York Americans with the first seed followed by the Quebec Meute and the Calgary Wranglers.  Out of the European Conference, the Express snagged the top seed with the Helsinki Titans and Riga Reign not far behind.  Good luck to each of the teams as we look forward to an exciting Continetal Cup race!


The end has finally come for the Vasteras Iron Eagles and this time it looks to be permanent.  Check out boubabi's video to for the unveiling of the newest VHL franchise!


Make sure to check out Edition 216 of the VHL Magazine!


For all the writers, make sure to sign up here for the writing ranks that will be starting soon!  A great way to earn some extra TPE.


Game Discussion


The playoffs are set to begin tonight!  The end of the season was full of excitement, especially with the tight playoff race in the European Conference that saw a minuscule six point difference separate the first seed from the third.


The first game we'll take a look at is a fairly obvious one - the final game played by the Iron Eagles.  At home, they faced off against the Dynamo in front of a packed crowd getting to see their team play for a final time.  The Iron Eagles got off to a fast start with a quick goal from Leon Litner followed by another late in the period from Dexter Morgan, playing in just his sixth VHL game.  Vasteras didn't look back, pulling off the 3-2 win despite a late charge by the Dynamo to cap off a dominating performance with a 39-15 shot advantage.  While it will likely be a bit strange for the VHL to move on without the Iron Eagles, it is widely believed that it's for the better.


The next one is a game with major playoff implications.  While this was not quite the final game for the Reign and Titans, it was a vital one considering each team ended the season with 94 points.  The game had a playoff atmosphere and the first period was tightly contested as the Reign finally scored the first goal of the game with less than five minutes remaining.  But just 19 seconds into the second period, the league's top scorer, Niklas Lindberg, broke the game open with a goal that would be followed by five more in the period - three from the Reign and two from the Titans which included the completion of Lindberg's seventh hat trick of the season.  The 5-2 score in favor of the Reign would ultimately be the end result as a total team effort would lead them over their conference rivals.


The final game is one that very possibly could be a Continental Cup Finals preview.  This was a very tightly fought battle between the Meute and Express that showed just why these are two of the best teams in the league.  The Express opened the scoring up in the first period with goals from Leo Tesla and Mason Richardson while keeping Quebec off the board.  But they couldn't mute the Meute for long as an Aksel Thomassen goal midway through the second brought the score to 2-1.  Ultimately, the Express would hold on for the 3-2 victory thanks in large part to a tremendous performance in net from Blaine Olynick.


TPE Earning


If you're looking for a nice point-earning opportunity, see if a job as the World Cup Commissioner is for you!  By organizing the exciting tournament, you can earn up to 10 uncapped TPE!


Head to the VHL Magazine, where all you have to do is select a series of numbers to win free player store cash or TPE!  More details can be found in the magazine and make sure to check back each week to see if you've won!


Be sure to keep your eyes on the VHL Fantasy Zone, where you can earn uncapped points for correctly predicting the winners and score of selected games.  Check if you've won TPE from the Week 6 Pickem and Predict the Score tasks and don't forget to submit your guesses for the first round playoff Pickem and Predict the Score tasks!

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