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Rami's Rundown


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After a few previous players who didn't impress as highly, you're creating a new player. What should we expect, activity-wise, going forward? – Diamond_Ace

I think that this time around, I’ve found some people with whom I enjoy conversing. I’ve got a great team in Yukon, I’ve made some connections in the chat, and with the story I’m developing for my player, I’d say I’ll be active for a long time to come.


What keeps you coming back to the league? – Flyersfan1493

I join these leagues for the hockey, and stay for the community. Last time I was here, my locker room was quiet, my player was boring, and I lost interest quickly. This time, the LR is hopping (and bouncing nudge nudge know what I mean know what I mean), the people are great, and my player is interesting enough to keep me here.


Any members you would like to play with? – Flyersfan1493

I’ve gotten to know some cool people in my short time here, and I’d love to play with any of them. I already share an LR with Eaglesfan036 and Mook, who are two cool guys. RED, who I know as Winters, is awesome. Da, I already knew. Jamie is my true love. Flyersfan1493 and I have had some nice chats. These are just the guys I remember over the past day or two, but I think most people on the site would be good teammates.


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