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Claimed:Getting to Know: Patrick Demko [6/6 Final]


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VHL Network: Patrick Demko Feature

Interview by Mike Hunt




Cornfields, plains, and farms; these are some of the first things that pop into the minds of many people when they think about the state of Indiana. Sports in the American Midwest are a part of everyday life. The passion and emotion caused by watching and participating in them is contagious, and spreads from generation to generation. Many sports are frivolously watched and participating in, but hockey is not usually one of them. Hockey in many areas in the Midwest is still lurking in the shadows, just waiting to be discovered. As time has gone on, the success of hockey has grown, and a new face has emerged. It is bright with potential, and hopefully can take that growth to the next level.


In the heart of Indiana lies the state capital, Indianapolis. Indianapolis is known primarily as a football town, but emerging VHLM prospect, Patrick Demko, looks to change that. Demko, a 17 year old defenseman, took some time to sit down with VHL Network's own Mike Hunt for an interview regarding himself, his family, and his future.


Mike Hunt: Hello everyone, this is Mike Hunt of the VHL Network. Today we're sitting down with VHLM prospect, Patrick Demko, in order to get to know him a bit better. Patrick, It's great to have you here.


Patrick Demko: Thanks, Mike. I'm glad to be here.


MH: Patrick, Indiana is obviously not a hotbed for prospects in Hockey. What caused your interest in this sport in particular?


PD: I think it stemmed from my parents. My Dad was and still is an avid fan of all sports, but for some reason he really started following hockey closely a few years before I was around. He and my mom did a lot of travelling before I was born and it became a hobby of theirs to go to cities across America and watch hockey games. Eventually, I was born and they got me into hockey at a very young age. They got me on skates when I was only 2 and I started playing when I was 5. That love of the game has followed me to where I am today. 


MH: Does anyone else in your family into hockey as much as you and your parents are?


PD: Not really. I have a little brother and sister and they tried hockey, but it wasn't for them. They're both really into acting and stage work, so I'm the only person in my family who plays right now.


MH: Did either of your parents play before you did?


PD: Yeah, my dad played a little bit in a beer league when I was little, but other than that no. I'm the first person in my family to play hockey competitively. 


MH: Where were you playing last year?


PD: Last year was my rookie season in the USHL. I played for the Youngstown Phantoms in Ohio. 


MH: The USHL is primarily for amateur players looking to play in college. Was playing in college originally what you planned on doing?


PD: Actually, it was. Until this past season, I really didn't even see myself playing hockey as a profession. I was planning on getting a scholarship through hockey and pursuing a business degree.


MH: What made you change your mind?


PD: I guess had a pretty good season last year and the league expressed a lot of interest in me. Some friends of mine that are in the VHL and VHLM were encouraging me to enter the draft. 


MH: Now that you've had some time to think about it, are there any VHLM teams that particularly interest you?


PD: Not really. I'd willingly go to any team that wants me on it. 


MH: How would you describe your style of play for these teams? 


PD: A puck-moving defensive defenseman. I try to keep it really simple and stay responsible in my own end and I do my best to shut down the opposition. 


MH: What would you say are some of the things you need to work on before you make the next step?


PDTo be honest, I need to work on my all-around game to be able to compete at the next level. I'd like to say I'm 100% ready, but I'm not. I am confident that I will be ready when my time comes.


MH: Well, that does it for the interview. Thanks for joining us, Patrick.


PD: My pleasure.

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