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Claimed:Bratislava vs Oslo. Games 1-4 - [GRADED 6/6]


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European Conference Finals Games 1-4.










The entire VHLM knew when these 2 powerhouses met it would be an excellent series and through 4 games it has not disappointed. Every game has been a close hard fought battle. Bratislava currently leads the series 3-1 and are on the brink of eliminating Oslo, but we have a feeling this series is not yet over as the Storm will clearly not go quietly. Let's take a look at the first 4 games and recap what go us to this point.


Game 1: Bratislava Wins 3-2 in Overtime.


An incredible first match up with Bratislava coming out firing on all cylinders. They threw 14 shots on Oslo's goalie Niklaus Mikaelson in the first period, but he was able to turn them all aside. Oslo only managed 6 shots in the period but made the most of their chances and were able to slip one past Watchmen goalie Jax Barnstormer. Olso gets the first goal of the series. The second period was similar to the first with Bratislava outshooting Oslo 12-1, but Oslo got another goal on their only shot of the period! Bratislava notched a goal later in the period and it would go to the 3rd 2-1 in favor of Oslo. 3rd period would see Jody 3Moons score a clutch goal to tie the game and send it to overtime. Then it was scoring machine Sachimo Zoidberg burying a one time from Harumpf to put Oslo away! What a game. Bratislava outshot Oslo 32-16 in this one.


Game 2: Oslo Wins 3-2.


The Watchmen came out flying again in this one, outshooting the Storm 31-9 through 2 periods, but again Mikaelson kept them in it with some key saves and Bratislava only held a 2-1 lead despite dominating the play through 2 periods. 3rd Period was a different story as Oslo picked up their game, they scored 2 powerplay goals on 10 shots and held Bratislava to just 6 shots in the period. Big game for Oslo sniper Christoph Klose as he had 2 goals in the game. Solid defensive effort by Oslo in this one and they made the most of their chances. Series tied 1-1.


Game 3: Bratislava Wins 4-2.


Much closer game in terms of shots in this one as the difference was only 22-19 in favor of Bratislava for the game. Play was back and forth but Bratislava managed to put 4 past Mikaelson on just 22 shots, proving he was in fact human. Watchmen winger Gifford Shock had a big game scoring 2 goals as he looked strong on a line with 3Moons and De Rossi. The rubber-match could have gone either way, but in this case it was Bratislava getting the lead in the series 2-1.


Game 4: Bratislava Wins 3-2.


Another close game and the 3rd 1 goal game of the series, proving how well matched these teams are. Bratislava's offensive firepower was held in check for the 2nd game in a row, as Oslo only allowed them to fire 24 shots on net, but as well as Oslo played defensively, Bratislava played even better, holding Oslo to just 12 shots in the game. Sachimo Zoidberg was able to get loose this game and pot 2 goals after some challenges from his teammates as he responded well. The Watchmen were able to take the lead in the series 3-1 and now have the Storm on the brink of elimination.




Game 5 will be a big match up as it's clear these games can go either way. Oslo is a proud team and will no doubt be playing hard in an elimination game. They'll have to limit Bratislava's chances and try and shut down their plethora of scoring talent. Jax Barnstormer will need to be good in net in order to get Bratislava a win and Oslo goalie Mikaelson will have to stand on his head if Oslo has any chance of winning 3 games in a row. It should be fun to watch this one play out.




650+ Words.


Media Spot for Week of Nov. 17-23rd.

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Content: 3/3 - Brief, however detailed article about the first four playoff games between Bratislava and Oslo.  All of them were close, tough games that went down to the wire (generally, anyways)  ~670


Grammar: 2/2 - Well done

what go us to this = what got us to this

3rd 1 goal = 3rd one-goal


Appearance: 1/1 - Si



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