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The Wise Words of Jala


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I have spoken to a great many people on this site. There are some with whom I have spoken many times, while others have been one time occasions. One person with whom I particularly enjoy conversing is Jaladolar. We have a grand time. Over the past however long we’ve talked, Jala has imparted to me some excellent pieces of advice. I would like to share some with you now, along with, perhaps, a comment from me.


“start a retirement plan when you're young / 20 bucks a week even adds up / 20 bucks into a balanced stocks portfolio can rapidly add up” – This one is very timely and sage. As a youngster, sound financial advice is something I don’t get much, so I am very grateful to get some words of wisdom from Jala.

“go to school for something worth a damn / don't get some piece of feces arts degree” – Another timely bit of advice. Many people my age are applying for colleges that offer majors they think will do them well in life. This seems like it could be very poetic, if phrased differently.  It’s only work if you’d rather be doing something else. Someone’s probably said that before, anyhow.


In closing, dear readers, I will leave you with a conclusion written for me by Jala himself.

“In closing young Ramicus, all the problems you face in the world can be resolved with a slack jaw and loosened throat. Everything's difficult at first, but with enough practice (with a banana) you can overcome any challenge, no matter how big.”

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