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Ruutu To Move To Forward


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Former S41 4th overall draft pick Teuvo Ruutu has come to the media today to announce a massive change in his position. While he's been a defender all his life, including his time in the minors and his high-school days, he has recently told his GM and training staff that he will be a winger come this season. The change had been in talks for a long time ever since the Vikings continued to draft and trade for a bunch of defenders. With players like Lloyd Light and Lord Karnage as well as Jack Kowalski still on defense, as well as newly drafted defender Ken Anderson, the switch gives the Vikings more threats on the offense. 


So...the biggest question now remains. Does he become a right winger or a left winger? With the most recent draft being done and over with and the Vikings picking up a top line center, they'll likely use him on the right wing, as a lot of their draftee's are going to still be in the VHLM. Ruutu commented on the change and addressed the media as to why he decided to make the switch. 


"It's a decision that is going to further the success of Stockholm. I'm all about being a team player, and it's hard to deny the talent of the four other guys on our defensive line. When it came down to it, there was no point in fighting over a spot on defense when what we need now is offense. It was a very easy decision to make, and I hope I get to make a major impact next season as a top forward in the league. I'm going to push myself above and beyond everyone's expectations and help push this team to the playoffs and beyond." 


Ruutu has yet to put the switch on paper as the Player Store is currently not open as the shopkeeper has been pronounced dead by VHL officials. Once they find a new guy to run the joint, Ruutu should be able to make this even more official than just announcing it through word of mouth. 



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