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Playing for Walcott's Ass


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Well, you're favorite soiled pants bulbous superstar Oskars Harumpf is playing for someone's Ass in the SuperCup. Not being around the league for that long, Harumpf was confused by this team name, but I guess it's fitting considering some of the media Harumpf put out last season. After writing articles about sharting and playing with soiled hockey pants, it's not surprise that a team with Ass in the name had Harumpf high on their draft list.


"Truly honored to play for Walcott's Ass, I embrace whatever team I'm on and in this case I will be embracing an ass. I plan to work my butt of the the Asses and help them win the cup. We have a pretty good roster and one of my Helsinki teammates Tykson Stokes is also an Ass, so at least I know someone. The rest of the Asses have been pretty cool so far and everyone seems committed to winning, so it should be a good tournament. Needless to say let's hope knobody kicks our ass."

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