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Komarov promises playoffs


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The Davos assistant captian made a bold proclamation today. That the Davos team that finished at the bottom last season won't just improve on last year, but in fact make the playoffs. People call the kid crazy but he's been know for doing the near impossible in his career. He lead a vastly underpowered Storm the the VHLM finals. Then helped them capture the best record in the VHLM that year. This season well he won't see his name on any awards was very good for a rookie defensive defender. This season he's ready and primed to bring Davos one step closer to the cup and that's making the playoffs.

When the playoffs roll around who knows what happens. Komarovs a big thinker and he's never worked so hard in the last few years to prove to the league he's going to be a force to be reckoned with. They certainly will be an exciting team to watch.

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