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Claimed:Dean Edgar's Hockey Sex Blog: Week 1


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Dean Edgar's Hockey Sex Blog


Entry #1

The Very First Entry: A Historic Moment


Welcome to my blog. This is my very first blog entry, and the very first blog entry in VHL history. I have bad news... This blog post will be underwhelming for a first post. I'll simply introduce my blog, it's origins (not very exciting), the idea, and where it will be in the coming weeks/seasons.



So, this is Dean Edgar's Hockey Sex Blog. The name was created by combining two suggested names created from a random blog name generator. The name is open to being changed in the future, but it will remain as it currently is for a short while atleast.

Every few days, Ill make a post ranging from 100-500 words regarding my opinion of the league, new information that I've learn, or just updating people on recent news and trying to cover all angles of the issue. I have some experience as a former VHL writer/editor, so the content will be fine probably. Not to brag, but I won (or finished second, can't remember) most read article in the magazine when I wrote for Ree.

Finally, I am able to hire editors (NOT FOR PAY), so after this blog gains a little reputation, I may hire some reliable people to write whenever they feel like it, as long as their typical content and attitude towards life suit my expectations. Anyway, onwards and upwards VHL.



Entry #2

Priority Number 1: Recruitment Drive


So, obviously our small family took a bit of a hit while we changed websites, and now we need to get everyone back in full-force, and perhaps some newbies. I believe it was Noah who posted in the recruitment thread (There will be a link leading to it at the bottom of this post) that we advertise on reddit, specifically in the hockey section. The VHL had at one point had, and probably still has, a recruitment team, yet this idea had never come to light. This isn't me blaming the recruitment team, but rather just pointing out how smart of an idea this based on the fact that a team of people dedicated to this cause had glossed over this idea. So kudos to Noah (or whoever it was) for coming up with this idea.




Based on this thought, I started looking for other forums and discussion groups to campaign to, and found a few sites.
http://thenhlarena.com/ 41 members on today
http://www.hockeyforums.net/ 111 members on today (Includes a few bots)
http://keskustelu.ja...display.php?f=2 foreign but could generate some interest perhaps?
and finally
http://forums.prosportsdaily.com/ A massive all-sports forum with 600 members (including some hockey)

The last one I posted I believe should be our main target. As many of our members have experienced, they arrived without any hockey knowledge, and this site was great because it helped them understand the game somewhat, and we gave our forum a great environment. That's just some food for thought, but I believe we have some potential gold mines, and honestly, we can continue to advertise to general sports forums and we very well could see our greatest returns in years. Anyway, until next time...

VHL recruitment thread: http://vhlsim.invisi...eddit#entry7102 




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Auto 6/6 IMO.


Content: 3/3 - I still don't know what a hockey sex blog is supposed to be, but you've caught my interest. Just be warned that I grade mistakes that other people make that you use as your own. Somebody made a hissy fit over it back on the other site, but yeah. That's how I roll.
Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't see anything. Good work there.
Appearance: 1/1 - FREEBIES!
Overall: 6/6 - Done, you fucking prick.
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Content: 3/3 - Recruitment is a big area for us to focus on, but not just recruting people. Advertising the league on other websites is great and brings in a lot of people, but we need to make things more attractive for new members once they join, so we don't have so many people leave. How we should go about that, I don't know.


Grammar: 2/2 - Couldn't find anything.


Appearance: 1/1 - Nice pictures.


Overall: 6/6 - Hi.


Final: 6/6 

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