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Mølholt already struggling?


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I haven't even started yet and I'm already falling behind on my activity. This has been an incredibly busy week for me in real life. I had an old friend come and stay with me for the week, so I bought my donation for this season so that I didn't have to do a point task this week. I'll have 5 straight doubles weeks, three with recreate with no carryover and 2 with the donation, so that will be a nice jump start to my career. I'm cutting it close on this XM radio, as I don't want to miss any opportunities for points in my first week. I really do want to be 100% active this time around, but it couldn't have come at a more busy time for me, which had me considering delaying until S46. I also have a big freelance project that I need to be working on, and instead I'm procrastinating by doing this instead. My life will be much less hectic once that project is complete and I'm fully into the summer, which will be great timing. 


Savage was a disappointment because I started off so strong and then fell off. I wasted my carryover TPE as well. Mølholt will only be a disappointment if I drop activity right now, early on. I don't intend to once I get into it, but I need to get through this stretch before I can 100% be as active as I'd like to be. For instance, I'm going to be a little delayed on the VHL this Week as I knock out some work on some personal things. I feel good about this character in terms of how I want to build, the name, backstories, etc. - I just gotta get through this one patch, it is time I had an actually decent VHL player.

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