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Effort 2/2: Jala has been improving more than you (use that as motivation). But I can see improvement from when you first started. 

Look 2.5/3: I like that you did a JC or else I might have docked you more. It looks like you threw stock on top of stock hoping it would work and then just text. Try and think about the focal point and how well your text fits with the rest of your sig. Just changing the colour of the text may have helepd here as a solid white stands out far too much. Gotta think about the little things. Using different adjustment layers too instead of the same one over and over.

Creativity 1/1: I like what you tried to accomplish with the light stock near Hextall's head. 

Overall 5.5/6

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Effort:2/2 mhm

Looks:2.5/3 I'll give u the six. The jc is on point great work with that. The text like frank said stands out way too much and don't fit with the sig. Stockwork could also use some work! A bit of lighting over the render would also be nice



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