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Claimed:Glory Days [Final 6/6]


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Putting old people in their place since the 90's




For years and years the VHL has been filled with new upcoming simulation hockey players as well as some veteran players. But lately more and more of the so called “legends” are re-creating and trying to recapture their past glories. Time and time again you can see them flaunting their career stats or showing off with their hall of fame rings. Putting everybody down that hasn’t spent his whole life creating a simulation hockey player. It’s sickening seeing them running around and acting like they’re god’s gift to sim leagues. It’s almost puke worthy when you see those old men trying to impress the younger crowd with their past accomplishments. It’s time somebody tells them that their time is over. That all the bloom has come off the rose and they should do it like the good old cowboys did and ride off into the sunset. I still see them every day in the locker room, the Victors, Drapers and Smarchs of the world. Still acting like some big shots, while their sim league bodies are just rotting away in the hot light of the new rising stars of the world. Walking into the shower in Ottawa is like being part of the walking dead. Rather than dragging their old washed up bodies out on the ice, they should sit back and just offer advice to people that want it. Not forcing their wisdom on people that don’t need it.


But it’s no just something that plagues sim leagues, we see that in every sport out there. You have all those old guys in the NFL, NHL or whatever other sport league you’re following. Men close to their 40th birthday embarrassing themselves on national TV. Those peoples aren’t legends, legends know when it’s time to move on and stop putting their faces into every camera they see.  I know a lot of people will come to their defense and will call me stupid, a moron or worse, but those people are delusional, they’re also living in the past instead of focusing what’s important. And the only thing important is the present and the future and I’m the present and the future of this league. I have everything you want in your hero, I’m a fantastic hockey player, I’m the man of 1,001 nifty hockey moves, I’m pretty damn handsome and let’s be real, I’m better than all of you sitting in the stands.


Why not cheer on the stars of today? Why cheer for the old farts that just can’t let go? It’s time for all of us to kick them to the curb and move on. Take away their spotlight, let them live their life in eternal darkness and put the young guys on a pedestal. Put them in the old folk’s home where they belong and let us young guns get our prime time. Nobody wants to see rotting meat; they want to see the young, wild and free generation of VHLers.


Time to end their reign of terror and I, Thomas Duddy, am the man to end that reign.

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Content: 3/3 - Interesting approach, calling out the vets. I'm all for it, and think it's great. I think the problem with rising stars nowadays is just the fact that it's hard to tell if they're going to stick around or not.


Grammar: 2/2 - Try to avoid contractions maybe, as in "it's" or "that's". It will help boost word count as well. ;)


"it’s no just something that plagues" - not

Appearance: 1/1 - WALLS OF JERICHO

Overall: 6/6

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