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VHLSC: S44 Rankings #6 - VHLM Teams


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"No, my coffee cup has the ladybug on it..." Oh hey everyone! Welcome back to the VHLSC's Season 44 Draft Rankings and evaluations! This week has a special tradition we like to do each year. It's the "VHLM Team Insight" edition; where we dissect each VHLM team in respects to their current possession of Season 44 draft prospects. Before we do that though we should let you know that this week's movement might be one of the slowest we've seen thus far. That's okay though because the VHLM Achievement Tracker has been opened up and their is potentially huge rewards for filling it out.


So in every young man or women's life their is someone who leaves a lasting impression on you. This person may guide you, influence you or even experience what you are at the very same time. In the VHLM we try to allow players to grow with all the tools available to them at an arm's length away at most. We have attempted to install General Managers who see the VHLM as a development league and not a place to build and go stocked award cabinet. Thus our teams are usually somewhat competitive and it will only get better with the insight our VHLM Commissioners have at their disposal. That is why it is our honour to look at some of those VHLM teams and what players they have currently striving and improving in their systems.



Manager: Sachimo Zoidberg


The Bern Royals are built largely on their young players, which bodes well for this article. The Bern Royals currently feature five prospects who below to the 44th VHL Draft Class. Two of those prospects are Bernie Gow and Tim TebowGow who will both be automatically given to the Riga Reign and Calgary Wranglers franchises. The other three prospects are Gabriel Reuel, Marcel Faux and Ash Stevens. Although Ash Stevens has done little to impress the scouts, the other two have done the opposite. Gabriel Reuel is a newcomer with a strong passion for the game. Scouts see promise in his game and he could be a diamond in the rough. Marcel Faux is another case that could be challenging for a lottery selection come this off-season.


Manager: Kyle Snow


Bratislava is in a very very similar situation. Five of their players are apart of the 44th VHL Draft Class and like Bern they feature two players automatically assigned to a respective VHL team. Benjamin Dupont belongs to the New York Americans and Thaddeus Humbert has his rights owned by the Cologne Express. The three names not yet mentioned are Simon Valmount, Alexander Davidson and Edwin Reencarnacion. Simon Valmount has been making tons of noise on a team with plenty of firepower already. Alexander Davidson has come on really strong as of late and will be a serviceable centreman for a VHL squad down the line. Edwin Reencarnacion is going to go first overall; not only can you write that in stone but you can call your grandma and tell her to start stitching a draft t-shirt for him. This team does not hold back from talent for our upcoming draft at all.



Manager: Alex Kachur


Unfortunately the Moscow Red Wolves stepped out of the office this year. The Victory Hockey League's only Russian team decided to take an off year and focus on acquiring future assets. Those future assets did not mean any prospects due to be drafted this off-season.



Manager: Jason Glasser


Unlike the Moscow Red Wolves, the Oslo Storm did invest in some talent for seasons to come without officially wasting the season away. Two prospects call their temporary location in Norway home. Supa Hot Fire and Oliver Cleary both put on the Storm jersey every other night. Supa Hot Fire has been a huge disappointment thus far as he talked himself up before declaring eligible. Oliver Cleary is a prospect we had high hopes for but he has fizzled out since declaring.



Manager: Terence Fong


After some down years, the Brampton Blades have officially woken up from their slumber. The squad features 6 prospects that will hear their name on draft day. That is by far the most of any team in the VHLM when it comes to the 44th VHL Draft Class. Jensen Svendsen, Corey Marino, Maxime Perron, Xavier Kirkland, Le'Sean Coutzen and Jefferson Jackson all call Brampton their perch for the time being. Svendsen, Marino and Kirkland have all but wilted away at this stage in the rankings. Le'Sean Coutzen has done everything but wilt away. The young prospect is benefitting from the ice time and responsibility the team has put on him. Maxine Perron is matching Coutzen in every step he takes and it is helping both their development. Jefferson Jackson had very hopes at the start of his career but has since than fallen off in a big way.



Manager: Zack Gagnon


Ottawa has been a solid franchise the past few seasons and one of the reasons is that ability to gain a solid player that carriers the team. The Lynx feature three Season 44 draftees in Archie Wagner, Kyle Keenan and Kerky Hyvaccuumorsomething. Archie Wagner has been a pleasant surprise as of late after being one of the last prospects to declare. Kyle Keenan hasn't really done much to view him anywhere but Mr. Irrelevant in this years draft. Kerkko Hyvarinen is a one man wrecking crew and despite his calls to the front office, we will never intentionally call him by his correct name.



Manager: Jakob Karlsson


The former powerhouse that was the Saskatoon Wild is now left in a bit of a mess. They feature two prospects from the 44th edition the VHL Draft Class. Those two prospects are enforcer R Truth and goaltender Lenny Face who is automatically placed on the Toronto Legion. It's probably for the better that Lenny Face is not in the draft because it doesn't look like their is a fourth round this year. R Truth however has been improving slightly, but it's still a toss up over whether an enforcer really has much value in this league or draft at all.


Manager: Rami Ramistein


Remember all those years that the Yukon Rush were one of the powerhouses in the VHLM? Well those years and days are long gone at this stage. Yukon does boast one prospect in the upcoming draft, but this franchise won't get off their feet for a while. Matej Kriz is the prospect that we mentioned, although at this stage he is a huge work in progress. Matej has been in and out of practice (more out than in) and it is effecting his draft stock.

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 Colour-coded by position :)

This. I've tried to make every aspect fall into a certain category for the past 2 seasons (20 articles). Once you start reading them in consecutive sit-down's, you'll train your eye on a colour.

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