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The Vacuum Spot


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The title is completely relevant, stfu sterling.


This is an article dedicated to perhaps the greatest ever VHL member. 


He is the only member that I have never seen his activity drop in all my 2 and a bit years in the VHL.


His interest has always been, and will forever be, for the league's benefit. Even though he has been known to butt heads with some other members, it's because they are either self-indulged cuntweasles out to spite him, or haters of the Bundesliga, which is the only acceptable reason for arguing with him. He is extremely responsible and respectful to most. He carries out and conducts his business with the calm authority of a natural leader. 


In my own humble,honest, professional, and right opinion, this man should be running the VHL. 


Unlike Mayor Ford, or Alfie, he does NOT SMOKE CRACK.


Yea, I went there.


Joey's the man. 


The vacuum has sucked up sufficiently! 




PS --- I was up all night looking to see where the sun went... then it dawned on me. 

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