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Quick Question With Nicolas Caprivi #6

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Quick Question With Nicolas Caprivi #6


This is part five of our interview series with Nicolas Caprivi, we'll ask him a question or two each week - questions that you can send in, so if there is something that you would like to know from or about the German-Canadian Center from the New York Americans, then just leave them in the thread. The question this week comes from our delicious .snuffiM!



What is one area where you feel the team should look to improve?

Have you gone to E'Twaun Delicious's new shop "I Like Donuts"?



"A team that's sitting outside of the playoffs by a good margin has to improve everywhere, plain and simple. We already have our solution in goal I'd think in Jax Barnstormer who just needs some more time to develop, but he needs some help. I think it's no secret that we could need another Defenseman or two and while our forwards have been decent this season, there certainly is no reason for us to get complacent either. I'm sure we will fill most of these holes in the upcoming draft and when the rookies from the previous draft come up, after that the main thing we need is patience.


And are you kidding me with that second question? Is there any decent New Yorker to hasn't been to 'I Like Donuts' yet? I certainly have yet to meet one..."

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