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52 in 43


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In 72 games , i scored 52 goals! Can you believe that? In last season i scored only 14. Something happened during the summer. Not sure what but we can all see the results. Lets face it, every single one of my goals are highlight reel material. Some more dirty than the others , some pure poetry.. Few goals have been described as erotic and NSFW. 


Where do you go from there?  Well, next step is to play some playoff hockey! Lets not forget the most important part of the playoffs , the beard. I have been working on my face for last month or so heavily. I have personal moisturising assistant who travels with me 24/7 , everywhere i go.  I must admit that the beard is looking great at the moment!


Interesting to see if i can keep my current form and help Lynx to win!  Ottawa has improved nicely during the season so who knows , we might see something surprising this year ;)

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