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Bronson Faux of the Riga Reign didn't really have that impressive of a rookie season. He just barely cracke 40 points, his faceoff percentage was awful and he had one of the worst plus-minuses in the entire league. One thing he did excel at though was his physical play, something that he just started working on.

Faux just started playing a physical game this off-season after training sessions with Brennan McQueen, someone who was a known for his hard hitting his entire career. Faux is a big body and had the potential to hit and he proved that he can succeed too this season as he led the league in hits by over 30 in his rookie year. Bronson is poised to be a top powerforward in the league now, he just has to get his offence going which should come as he and the team improves. He might even look to break McQueen's hits record with Riga as he got a season head start while McQueen spent an extra season in the minors.

PS Bruno Wolf got nothing on me for hitting

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