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VHLM This Week (06-01/06-14)


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The VHL runs a fantasy zone roughly once a week. VHLM players are entitled to both the VHLM Fantasy Zone as well as the VHL Fantasy Zone. In the predict the score fantasy zone, you will need to try your hand at guessing the final score in a certain VHL and VHLM game for 3 TPE. The other fantasy zone is a pick-em game where you pick the winners out of four match-ups. You must guess all four right for 1 TPE.
The Player store is still open for the season for those who have contract money in their bank. Players can purchase upgrades for your current player, or can pay their way to a feature spot in the VHL magazine.
Also don't forget to post in the VHLM Practise Facility to recieve the easiest 1 TPE you'll ever receive from the league. The thread is usually open at the beginning of the week and closed at 11:59 Sunday night.
Job Postings
Job Postings 

A great way to get your name spread across the league as well as a quick way to earn extra TPE is to apply for jobs as they open around the league. The league is looking for a position to be filled making player cards for player pages. The league is also looking for someone to write a few HOF articles. HOF articles receive an automatic 6 when graded as a media spot. Although this may seem like a daunting task for new members, the league is currently looking for someone to write an article for Season thirty-nine inductee Remy LeBeau.
A new head grader has been brought in and he is looking to stockpile more writing and graphic graders. Some have already applied and been hired, but don't be afraid to apply for this time and future hiring.
Point Task Spotlight
Each week members around the league put a great amount of effort into articles regarding many different things around the league. Here is some of the media spots written by agents of VHLM players in the past week.

Ottawa and Saskatoon have been battling in the VHLM North American conference playoffs. VHLM prospect Evgeny Nezhmetdinov has only spent a short time with the Lynx, but wrote about the game two match-up between the two teams.
VHLM Prospect Max Moholt signed up for the VHLM during the trade deadline week. Moholt made himself a graphic this past week to continue to improve his player. If you have etra time this week, go take a peak. Max Moholt
Kerkko Hyvarinen has been a force to be reckoned with so far in his early VHLM career, and he looks to build upon a great start by being selected in the top three of the upcoming Entry Draft. Hyvarinen's agent looks at the possibility of heading to Calgary again with another player.
A quick reminder for those who cannot submit a point task in a given week that the league offers a Welfare plan for those people. Take advantage of these TPE so your player continues to improve and not lose much ground to other prospects.
VHLM Games
VHLM Playoffs
The best time of the year to be a hockey fan is upon the VHLM again. Playoff hockey is here and exciting as ever. In the North American semi-finals the Ottawa Lynx and Saskatoon Wild face-off, while in the European semi-finals the Bratislava Watchmen and Moscow Red Wolves will battle each other. The Lynx and Watchmen currently have a 3-0 stranglehold on the series, but as VHL fans we all know hoe quickly a series can change. Check in daily to see the latest box scores from the two series'.
VHLM Alumni
Patrick Demko
Drafted eighteenth overall by the Yukon Rush back in the season forty-one VHLM dispersal draft, Demko is on his second team in his VHL career. After being drafted the Helsinki Titans, Demko was traded last season to the Quebec Meute and is still trying to adjust to live with the Meute. Demko has put up decent numbers from the blue-line this season with twenty-eight points and a plus thirty-four, but will need to show more if Quebec wants to return to the cup finals again this season.
A.C. Savage
The Turku Outlaws alumni surprised everyone around the league when he announced he was retiring this season at the trade deadline, with the retirement taking effect come the end of the season. Savage put up a decent point total in his first season in Seattle last year with forty-four points in seventy-two games. The tough guy will fade into the sunset after the playoffs, but will certainly not be forgotten in both the VHLM and VHL.
VHLM Radio
Every week, Mr. Philip Knight highlights a player from the VHLM. This week the spotlight was put on VHLM prospect and Brampton Blades player Jefferson Jackson
VHLM Rankings
Joey Kendrick puts out a very impressive ranking of all the draft eligible VHLM players each week. Tons of work is put into these articles every week and give VHLM players a good idea of where the stand in regards to other prospects. Check it out if you haven't already. VHLM Rankings
VHLM Trivia (Please PM Your Answers to Jaladolar)ONLY OPEN TO VHLM PLAYERS
1. Where does VHLM prospect Kerkko Hyvarinen expect to go in the VHL draft?
2. What teams' have 3-0 series lead in their respective playoff series'?
3. Who did A.C. Savage being his VHLM career with?

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