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  1. Thanks the Seattle team was very enjoyable and likely bought me two more VHL seasons, instead of retiring after yr2
  2. When I see a PT for a user Mike never thought it would be this old bastage
  3. The players in the WJC must blow if im in the top ten
  4. 1.We are currently tied for 2nd in the league behind Moscow. Are we going to catch and pass them? Practise, practise and more consistent practise from guys lie myself. Moscow is active and we’ll need to keep ours up to match them the rest of the way. 2. Do you think the Wolves should be buyers or sellers come the deadline? Sellers, maybe I’m be moved again for another cup missing piece. 3.The league has a ton of parity right now do you like it or not? parity is good with the amount of newer members. Keeps them more engaged early on. 4. At the time of writing this Wang has a 2.74% shooting percentage. Do you think he can shake off the scoring slump? Always bet on wang breaking through 5. Do you like the wolves logo? if not why? Its alright. I’m not sure what more you can do baes on the name. Colours are kind of bland. 6. Favourite player on another team? Jet Jaguar. Enough said.
  5. Smarch

    F1 Discussion

    I don’t but we have friends that travel to Montreal for the annual F1 race
  6. No Steve(s) allowed, they already met the quota.
  7. Rest In Peace and strength to his loved ones
  8. 1.The team has been hot and cold lately what are some ways that we can fix this? Nothng really. This is going to happen over the course of a VHL season. Second place right now is not a terrible place. 2. Who has the best hair on the team? HHH. When he grows out his hair and greases it up before games. 3.Who has the best suit game? Tzuyu. Has custome made suits arriving all the time. It’s got to be once a week his suits are showing up. 4.Who do you room with while on the road? i stay in a different hotel all together. I stay close to the team hotel but sometimes in a AirBnb or a hotel close by, it was part of my contact. 5.What team is the toughest rink to play in? Madison Square Gardens, New York. Both as a home and visitor team depending on how you are playing. 6.Who is the early season MVP for the Wolves? Not me that’s for fuck sure. I’m going with Eagles over the obvious HHH who has done what he was expected to. Eagles has kept us in a lot of games.
  9. I gamble everyday with my 300k mortgage and getting engaged in the same year