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  1. As the portal is wrong I will claim here instead +5
  2. Marlins a Work In Process After the first fifteen games have now been played in the Victory Hockey League Minors, the San Diego Marlins currently sit in fifth place overall in the VHLM standings with eleven wins and four losses. Although the Marlins have recently put together back to back wins over the Yukon Rush, beating the Rush isn’t anything to write home about as they have only one win in fifteen games so far. The Marlins are being driven offensively by five tops end players, but outside those top five the team is struggling to find consistent secondary scoring. The top five players on the roster have combined for 112 out of the 163 points the Marlins this season. With the reaming eight players only being responsible for the remaining 51 points, the team will need more out of everyone on the roster if they have a change to knock of Miami, Minnesota and Houston this year in the Minors. With Minnesota, Miami and Houston all facing off with the Marlins over the next four games, we will have a good gauge on where the Marlins stand amongst the elite VHLM teams in the very near future.
  3. Zero hits, bullshitInsert other media
  4. 1. Looking to start off with a bang, do you feel this team has what it takes to win? We do have what it takes to be a top team. We need to continue to work each day and get better if we really want to compete with Minnesota and Miami it seems. 2. What are you willing to sacrifice to get the win? Ill I’ll give my first born child to win. I say that not having any children and with no actual meaning behind it. Wink, wink 3. What, in your opinion, is the most important factor for success? Continuing to grow each and every week. Every player in the locker room has the capability to be the best of the roster, just work ethic separates a few elected guys at the moment. 4. How do you feel about the captains named? I voted myself for the current captain, so I have dondoubts about the guys selected. 5. Who is your favorite player to play along side with? I mean I enjoy watching LeClair. Enjoy his style of hockey. He also has the hits lead on me for the team. 6. Who will be an underdog team this season? I think we will surprise a lot of people in the second half of the season.
  5. If @flyersfan1453didn’t go by Nuts in the third we might have won
  6. Transaction ID: 4B259271YS737603H 5TPE- Used Doubles Week-Used Free Week (12 TPE Capped)
  7. D – Lester Green San Diego Marlins (S73 - 26th Overall) S74 PROSPECT 5’5 | 140LBS Lester Greens first four games in the VHLM are now behind him, nothing really to write home about after those first four games. Surrounded by immense talent in the VHL, Green is not going to be found on the scoresheet most nights, but the rugged defenseman will be found protecting his teams zone like a mad man. After being selected by the Marlins early in the Third Round, Green feels that he has something to prove to the league. With 143 practice hours already on the season, one has to wonder where Greens game will go from here. Pros: Shot Blocking: If you ever enter the dressing room after a game Green has had the privilege of playing in, you’re going to notice some old and new bruises on the young man. Green takes pride in limiting the amount of shots that will make it to the net, always ensuring he always finds himself in the shooting lanes of the opposing players. During the off-season, Green has also taken it upon himself to impose some Happy Gilmour training, to ensure he is ready to stop those vulcanized rubber disks. Skating: Another aspect of the game that has really evolved in the past ten years in the sport, is the skating abilities of hockey players. Green is no different, as he identified the need to improve his skating as he prepared to enter the big leagues. After joining the league during the Season Seventy-Two post-season, Green took it upon himself to hire a power skating instructor to help him become the best skater he could achieve. Green has been able to focus each week on his skating abilities, getting to a point where he feels comfortable sharing the ice with the most elite talent in the VHLM. Green has been focusing less on his skating abilities since the start of the season, but you can bet he will continue the work in progress on his skating. Cons: Scoring Ability: Green doesn’t consider himself anything close to an offensive defenseman, but his disregard for scoring may not help his draft status in such a goal heavy league. Green has never been one to work on his offensive side of his game, focusing purely on protecting his own net. Green has yet to also spend any time since his arrival in the VHLM just under a month ago on his scoring as well. While he does have two assists for the Marlins already, those fluke passes might not last long.
  8. I mean catcher is the hardest position on the diamond, outside possibly closer. You are expected to do so much as a catcher, plus run the entire defense from behind the plate. Respect!
  9. G - Jaxx Hextall F- Thomas Landry II @Beketov
  10. DONE Predators, Avalanche, & Senators
  11. Jesus I was one the ice for both goals
  12. San Diego Captains No we are not talking about the great San Diego based yacht delivery and instruction service with over 300 boats delivered, we are talking about the leadership group for your Season Seventy-Three San Diego Marlins. In a recent locker-room vote, the Marlins roster picked the captain and two alternates that will be leading the way. Today we will look quickly into those three selections. C- Pietro Angellini Angellini has been with the Marlins franchise since he was drafted to the club forty-seventh overall back in the Season Seventy-Two VHLM Dispersal Draft. After posting sixty-five points in the Marlins seventy-two games last season for the team, speculation was that Angellini might have played his last games in the VHLM. Now Sitting at the most practice hours you can have in the VHLM, Angellini is right choice to lead San Diego into this season. A- Han Jae Kuk Drafted during the Season Seventy-Two VHLM Dispersal Draft, Kuk is another second year Marlins player that is well deserving of the award. Kuk didn’t see action in all seventy-two games for the Marlins last season, appearing in only sixty-eight, but as the number one defenseman on the roster this season, Kuk should be seeing improvements on most of his Season Seventy-Two stat line. A- Doug Dimmadome The man between the pipes for the Marlins, Dimmadome was awarded the second “A”. Dimmadome fell to the Marlins in the Second Round of the most recent draft, thanks in large part to franchises already having their starter in place. Dimmadome was a late comer to the minors last season, playing in only two games after joining the Las Vegas Aces last season. Now with a full workload in front of him, we will really get to see what Dimmadome is made of.
  13. C - Lewis Dawson D- Roque Davis @Beketov