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  1. Damn right after killing off the penalty in OT too
  2. Good win Bears! Nice game again Funk
  3. Champs in a slumber The reigning Continental Cup champions have yet to find their footing so far in Season Sixty-Nine. The Seattle Bears find themselves with only six wins in their first twelve games,which currently puts them in third in the North American Conference and fifth in the entire league. Although the Bears are not were they wish to be at this point in the season, Bears fans and management shouldn’t be ready to panic just quite yet. An example of this would be Season Sixty-Eight playoff MVP Ray Funk, who hasn’t been at his best each night, but he still currently has a .918 save percentage and 2.60 goals against average, numbers that are nothing to be concerned about. Although many players on the roster have expressed their displeasure with how the season has panned out so far in those twelve games, the Bears should look to last season on their playoff run of ten straight wins, as inspiration for what can happen when you become hot at the right time. With the strong roster and veteran leadership on the Bears roster, we believe the team and the men on the roster will be alright, alright, alright.
  4. 22. Make a bold prediction about the upcoming season. Can be about a player, team/teams, etc. Ray Funk will make a strong push for his first Aidan Shaw trophy after a less than stellar start to the season. Funk will add that award to his cabinet with a strong second half 23. What are you thinking about getting Frosty for Christmas? A hooker, I mean the gift that keeps on giving 24. You're partying hard. YOUR CHAMPIONS. Whats your drink or ermm, narcotic of choice to party with tonight, baby? Anything that is flowing. Beer, Whisky, anything…… 29. Do you remember when Calgary thought they were going to the finals? Pepperidge Farm remember. Calgary had a good roster and played well all season. They came up short and I’m sure more than disappointed. 30. American Thanksgiving will eventually be coming up. What are your plans? Working, no time for football even 31. American Thanksgiving Part TWO: What food are you most looking forward to? I mean any Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie
  5. As @sterling will be my best man and we have a bachelor party to plan, I wish to extend my thanks to the VHL for paying for it
  6. Mr Dressup weirdly was not afraid of malls tho as he was normal