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  1. Well then he’s more quality than first imagined. Also you two are real quick to jump to his defense, @gorlab got people on edge. Also I understand my poorly typed pooping message earlier made it seem make aggressive and thus maybe the reply Thanks for the clarification tho
  2. Sorry let me be clear, I was asking how could someone so invested in the league make this mistake. I don’t care if he’s tanking, I’d respect that more than just forgetting.
  3. Lol, how does a team run by a commissioner get to play a computer goalie in these games?
  4. Review: First off, walking up the entire Eiffel Tower? Crazy. Nice Mikey got recognized as a VHLMer, now you got to work harder to make sure you don't disappoint the faithful now. Lots of phots of the tower on your phone now, lol My only critic would be, possibly a title, some color and a graphic or picture would help spruce up the article. Otherwise good job; 8/10
  5. Where do you go now? After a flurry of moves just a handful of games into Season Seventy-Six that saw the Toronto Legion move out the two best players on the roster, one can now start to look forward to see what is up next for the Legion. Currently the Legion haven’t been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, so first we will start there. Seven Points Out: After today’s three wins, the Legion currently have a 26-33-8 record, good enough for sixty points in sixty-seven games. They are currently chasing the Calgary Wranglers for a wildcard playoff position, a ra
  6. VHL Storylines – Warsaw Predators Last season the Warsaw Predators were in the same position they currently find themselves in the European Conference, that is sitting in second place heading into the playoffs. In Season Seventy-Five the Predators and the majority of their roster was partaking in their first VHL playoffs, a playoff that eventually only lasted one round, as the Predators would fall to the eventual Continental Cup Champions, the Malmo Nighthawks, in game seven of the Conference Semi-Finals. Now with a bit more experience and fire-power under their belts w
  7. 1.The end of an era is quickly approaching... thoughts? The end of being in the bottom of the VHL standings? I mean I'm not sure how that will go over with the social club, asking them to start winning? 2. Juice and BOOM have a little bit of a bromance going on... let's be honest, what games do you think they're playing when not at the rink? I believe I keep hear them talking about a POGO stick? 3. Who among the Legion has the best puns? We have personalities on the roster? I assumed you had to just conform to the GMs ways when your in the locker room?
  8. Review: Norway and Switzerland sound like great places for a visit, never been myself, but you sure talk them up enough to see it’s a great choice! Nice GRR reference as well to keep it league related, along with the Hounds reference to close it out. Good luck on the end of the season and booking those tickets sooner than later. 9/10
  9. Vacation, all I ever wanted Can't seem to get my mind off of you, back here at home there's nothin' to do. Those lyrics sung by the Go-Gos and a great Rugrats episode with the same name, are more true than ever right now. Most of the world is still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. First off, I want to wish my condolences to those who’ve been affected by this terrible disease, not matter how you were affected. Now with the Victory Hockey Leagues annual theme week just about to wrap up, I would like to tell you about a vacation myself as Lester Greens ag
  10. 1. There's been plenty of trades this season from Toronto. Did you expect this much movement from management when the season started, or has it caught you by surprise? Being on the the pieces brought in, I would have never expected to be brought over to the Legion. Good surprise for me. 2. Our recent acquisition -- Gunnar Odinsson -- has joined the club and has already imprinted himself into our culture. What are your thoughts about him joining the team and immediately associating with us? / (TO BOOM: What are your thoughts about the Legions' LR culture?) Boom is a gre
  11. Well I’m super glad I read this article and learnt about your personal life and job. I myself and a huge fan of junior hockey, unfortunately I cheer for one of the worst junior hockey franchises in the WHL. Good luck in your schooling and job prospects.
  12. Review: Good article on where you’d like to go next. I understand after being with two franchises over the course of a VHL lifetime it can get stale, but being hyper loyal is a good thing for many in this league. Ending up on Moscow would be good for you and the leagues finances apparently lol. In all seriousness it was a well written article with good insight into why you would want to go to certain teams. Good media spot! 9/10
  13. 1. What are your thoughts on Toronto's season so far? We are not playing terrible, but again if you aren't looking for a social gathering the game is about winning. So my thoughts are we need to win more soon. 2. Do you enjoy playing for this team? I do, the team is fun to be around. Good mix of Legion talk in the LR and outside the team talk too. We have a good core, just need to continue with with 3. Who do you think has been the Legion's best player thus far? Oh Sens has had a great season so far. Looking to again shoot for 80+
  14. Review: I was looking for some TPE, but in all honesty I’m really glad I stumbled upon this media spot as my review. It was well written and focused outside a few minor spelling and punctuation mishaps. I enjoyed the look at what it means the be a VHLer and what might some from that experience. also should point out nothing wrong with working at Tim Hortons, someone’s gotta make coffee every 15 minutes. Good write up, very interesting take and something different to read. 8/10