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  1. Out Kicking The Coverage The Seattle Bears are so far exceeding expectations through the first thirteen games in Season Sixty-Eight. The Bears came into the season with a relativity young roster that was expected to be at the very most a fringe playoff team. So far in those thirteen games the Bears have won ten of those thirteen games, good enough for twenty points and second place in the entire Victory Hockey League. What makes the feat more impressive is the fact that the Bears are really playing and scoring by committee right now, with none of the Bears players in the top ten in the league in goals, assists, or points. Today we’ll look at some of those players that are contributing to the early success the team is experiencing. John Frostbeard: @FrostBeard Frostbeard had a decent rookie season for the Bears after coming over in a trade with the Calgary Wranglers during Season Fifty-Seven. Now as one of the leaders of the young Bears in the locker-room, Frostbeard was looking to take his game to a new level as he entered this season. So far, so good for Frostbeard, as he currently leads the team in points with fourteen, while also sharing the lead in goals on the team with seven. While he has been a offensive beast for the team this season he is also playing smart hockey as well, with only one penalty called on him so far, and nine shots blocked which also leads the forwards on the team. With lots of season ahead for the Bears, Frostbead will look to keep his point per game pace up as the tougher games come up. Acyd Burn: @Acydburn Another second year player of the Bears, this one though is a home grown talent, as Burn was selected by the team in the Season Sixty-Seventh VHL Entry Draft at Seventh Overall. Burn had decent numbers last season as a rookie putting up twenty-two goals and thirty-two assists in seventy-two games. Burn came into the season this year looking to make a bigger impact in his sophomore season, as he knew a first line spot was likely his to at least begin the season. Burn has been playing mostly the set-up man so far this season, something that is outside his normal game style, but something that is also paying off for him. Burn has four goals and eight assists in thirteen games this season, good enough for a three way tie for second on the team in points scored. Burn will look to continue to make sweet passes, but as the season goes on we will also likely see his goal total rise about the assists. Hulk Hogan: @HulkHogan Brother! Hogan has been having himself quite the first thirteen games for the Bears. Hogan has been setting everyone up so much he’s starting to be called the matchmaker in the local Seattle Times. Hogan has twelve points so far this season, with eleven of those twelve points being assists. Hogan has been patrolling the first-line alongside Carl Puigdemont to start the season and that pairing seems to be paying off early dividends for the team. Hogan will look to continue his torrid play will also looking to possibly take home the Beketov is he continues producing assists at this rate. Rayz Funk: @Rayzor_7 The reining rookie of the year has continued his strong play into Season Sixty-Eight. Funk has six wins in his eight starts this season, while also putting up an 929 save percentage and 2.24 goals against average. Those stats are good stats if you ask anyone around the Bears except Funk, that’s one of the things that will make him a great goalie in the league one day, possibly sooner than later. Funk is a tireless worker and consistently looking to improve on good stats to get to that great status. Funk is a leader for the Bears on and off the ice and management hopes that will be the case for many years to come.
  2. @eaglesfan036 how was NHL 20 for the first time?

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    Draft Picks in Seattle The Victory Hockey League Entry Draft took place recently and teams around the league looked towards the future with the annual draft. The Seattle Bears had the Third Overall selection after losing out on the lottery, along with the Twenty-Third, Forty-Third, and Forty-Eighth picks, so four new prospects will be looking to make the Bears roster in Season Fifty-Eight, Today we’ll take a quik look at some of the new guys on the block. Thorny Underyew - Center: @jack Underyew comes to the Bears after a championship season with the Ottawa Lynx. Underyew had a great season in Ottawa putting up fifty-eight goals and sixty-one assists during the regular season. Underyew will likely break camp with the Bears as he is ineligible to return to the VHLM this season. Finnegan MacBurn - Defense: @DizzyWithLogic A steal of a pick at Twenty-Third overall, MacBurn will be returning to the VHLM this season from the rumors around Seattle, but MacBurn could easily slide in on the Bears third defensive pairing and not look out of place. MacBurn is another member of the Founders Cup winners Ottawa Lynx, playing in all seventy-two regular season and fifteen playoffs games for the team. MacBurn will look to defend that title with the Lynx next year.
  4. 1. Predict the Bears record next season out of the 72 regular season games. (example, 46-20-6) I think we’ll go 40-20-12. I think after the many overtime and close one goal games we found ourselves in, we’ll see that trend again while we continue to grow, 2. Who will score the most goals for Seattle next year? Frostbeard. The power of the beard will help the youngster grow in year two. 3. How many fights will Hogan win next year? Zero!!! Just kidding all the fight he will win. All the fights. 4.Thoughts on new expansion teams (once they're announced)? I assumed I was going to one so I paid close attention. Both logos look good to me, and I have no preference on cities, so cool to see new cities 5. The purge is finally reality in the VHL community... 99.99% of crime is legal. What player would you off on an opposing team? Joseph McWolf and any other defenceman so I might have a chance at an award one day 6. Do you miss Thomas Kennedy (Fizz)? Im not sure if I ever came across this individual. If was a good player for the team then yes, If not then no!