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  1. 1. Are you a Star Wars fan and did you do any binging on May 4th? I am not a Star Wars fan, so I didn’t even realize it was the day until my fiancé said something. 2. Are you looking forward to anything this off season? I am looking forward to it being over 3. Have you followed the playoffs at all since the Legion were eliminated? I was watching the remainder of the VHL playoffs, good for the Bears. 4. Any plans for the weekend? Camping trip, maybe some fishing? Nothing to do yet, hopefully have a nice few weeks in the summer here. 5. Coke or Pep
  2. @McWolf @Peace @osens@BOOM@NickSunderbruch @Toast @rjfryman@Webberj @Poptart @fromtheinside @DoktorFunk@Juice @ROOKIE745 @hedgehog337 1. Toronto currently sits In 1st in the NA conference. Did you honestly expect us to be here at this point in the season. 2. What was your thoughts on the deadline move the Legion made? 3. If you could bring over one player from any roster, who and why? 4. What are you getting Hextall as a retirement present? 5. Oh Sens currently leads the team with 76 points. Do you think he breaks his first
  3. Good listen. The Sandro talk brought back lots of great older memories
  4. Smarch

    S75 redraft!

    Review: Never thought as a redraft for theme week, but this was a good ideas. Good write up about the first round, with a few extra selections in the second round. Neat to see where player would end up and a good refresher for people like myself who don’t pay attention to drafts. Good media spot all around, bit messy but good read 7/10
  5. Review: Good write up on an alternative timeline for Rose based off a year later draft class. Seems like a bit more work went into this for role playing as a lot didn’t happen for you, like being drafted. it was an interesting take on where you would have signed and been drafted to in the VHLM/VHL. Possibly a title, colour and pictures to draw the eye. 7.5/10
  6. 1. Toronto has scored 198 goals so far this season. This is good for third in the entire league... how do you feel about that? We have done a lot is scoring by committee, which is nice and hopefully we can continue. 2. Toronto currently sits sixth in goals against. How does this reflect our defensive efforts? We have a good defensive core, but as forwards we need to help out some more. 3. Hextall is one win away from 200 career victories with the Toronto Legion (and his career). What team do you think we defeat for win #200? I cannot remember off the top
  7. Moving on Up After a seven game losing streak looked to derail the Legions plans for Season Seventy-Seven, the Legion currently sits just one point out first place in the North American Conference. Heading into Season Seventy-Seven the expectations in the Legion locker-room alongside the entire GTA, were at a point we had not seen in many seasons. Coming off another season where they missed the playoffs and found themselves in another Draft Lottery, the Legion and their fans were dying for some meaningful hockey come VHL post-season time and this might be just the year with the cur
  8. What if Jaxx Hextall didn’t get traded With the annual trade deadline and subsequent theme week has hit the Victory Hockey League once again. This year the league has asked media around the league to took at “what if” situation. In this weeks media spot our focus will be on “What if Jaxx Hextall didn’t get traded to the Legion?” Back in Season Seventy, Jaxx Hextall was drafted Ninth Overall by the HC Davos Dynamo. Hextall signed a standard three-year entry deal with the club. Then on January 15th, 2020, Hextall along with three others were shipped to the Legion for
  9. Lol Moose Jaw, we can hardly supper a junior hockey team on a nightly basis. good read tho!
  10. Doesn't work, but best of luck. I made a "fighter" that fought less than most people that put nothing into fighting. I had 70 in fighting and only beat up Da'brickashaw O'Neal once.
  11. I have more fights this season than the last 76 seasons in the VHL. Thank you for turning up the fight sliders
  12. Review: You haven’t hit regression and spent all your money so far, ballin. If was a good read to get to know what a person of thinking in terms of VHL thoughts. As a person who uses welfare/pension, it’s nice to have in all honesty in case shit hits the fan. Don’t feel bad about not donating and missing out on 100 TPE, you can still have a good decent player, especially year 4,5,6 without those TPE. They really only come in handy to fight regression. Overall as it was your “thoughts”, I won’t knock you for the way the article flowed, but it was hard to read and I had t
  13. Review: This was a neat article and spin on a VHL related article. Goalies are their own breed of crazy, so one going into MMA wouldn’t be that crazy. The hockey media seems very interested in how Eagles will be in the ring, so maybe some updates on the future. Good article, has a picture so I’ll give it 9/10.
  14. 1. A win... finally! What can we learn from the 8L streak we endured? Well that’s hockey and sports in general. We need to understand tough times will happen, but overall it was likely the best time to happen instead of beginning/end of season. 2. The lines were shaken up, promised to players regarding lines and ice time were broken, so was the W worth it? I mean, I wish we didn’t have to make promises to players. I understand both sides from players and management, but I want to win more than anything. 3. The EU Conference has been destroying Toronto. What do you th