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  1. 1.. Who is your favourite player in the VHL - not including yourself, hehe. I would have to say since joining the league and watching the defenseman in the VHL, Joseph McWolf caught my eye. Guy is a rock on the blue-line for the past couple of seasons and has come away with some hardware for his impressive work 2. Which player would you consider your players rival? I don’t think anyone knows I play in the VHL, even some guys on the Bear. So with that I don’t even have anyone that comes to mind. I’m really just trying to play my game but when I do compare myself to anyone it would likely be someone in my draft class to see how I stakc up post draft. 3. Do you feel like you have a rivalry with a team, or a GM you hate losing to etc? I mean playing in the North American Conference It’s almost a given that we have to hate the other four teams in the conference. I don’t want to lost to them and you really up your game when it’s a conference game. 4. What kind of equipment does your player use? (gloves, stick, pads etc) I like to go basic with my equipment since I have found something I have liked and have stuck with it. I wear all Bauer equipment including gloves, helmet, and stick. 5. Does your player have any weird superstitions? I try to eat the same meal of eggplant Parmesan before each home game and steak and rice when on the road. Easy road meal to avoid any illness. 6. Does Beaviss Suck? Beaviss sucks in Vancouver and sucked in Quebec, so yes
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    Surprises in Seattle Hockey in Seattle has been surprising for those Seattle Bears fans following the team in Season Sixty-Seven. The Bears came into the season with very low expectations in terms of team success, but the Bears currently find themselves in a early post-season race. Seattle currently sits fourth in the North American Conference and Ninth Overall in the Victory Hockey League, but only find themselves only two points behind Third Place in the North American Conference, and only six points out of Fourth Place in the VHL. One of the biggest reasons the Bears find themselves competitive so early in their rebuild is in thanks to the Bears Second Overall Draft choice from the Season Six=Seven VHL Entry Draft, goaltender Rayz Funk. Funk has been a great addition to the Bears roster, putting up great numbers in his rookie season including, the fifth best save percentage in the league with a .922 and seventh in the league in goals against average with a 2.78. Funk also leads the league with five overtime losses, something that shows that Funk has been battling to keep the low scoring Bears offense in most games he has appeared in this season.Although the Bears are unlikely to make much more noise then they have been in the early going of the season, the Bears are building the foundation for what looks like a very talented team in the nor so distant future.
  3. Kimmy Hedd Tess Stickles Craven Moorehead
  4. Damn minus 2 Both games against the Americans
  5. Good power play game for us. Good win TO
  6. 8 minutes and managed my first point, too bad on the end result
  7. Good win Bears. Good game @Rayzor_7
  8. Sorry D - Jesse Wilson F - Veran Dragomir