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Harumpf Off-Season


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It should be an interesting off-season for everyone's favorite 5'5" 250 pound playmaking superstar Oskars Harumpf. Coming off his best season as a pro where he scored 69 points (we know, fitting right?) he will look to either lead Helsinki back into playoff contention or it's possible he may find himself playing for a different team in S44. Harumpf is uncertain what to expect, but he knows one thing, wherever he ends up, back in Helsinki or on a new team, he will "Harumpf" the shit out of everyone. He's ready to take his game to an even higher level next season and someone will be the beneficiary of multiple Harumpf'ings, be it Helsinki or some other city. Harumpf is on the cusp of greatness and all he needs is a chance to shine. If Helsinki can get him some teammates not named after body parts, he could do it in Helsinki, if not, perhaps he will go elsewhere and make everyone around him look better than they really are. That's what Harumpf does, he makes you look good. It happened with Zoidberg back in the VHLM and then with Stokes and sometimes Faraday. We all know Harumpf is the key to success. Wherever he plays greatness follows and of course Harumpf'ings.



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