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Horseradish on legs, look at Devise![Final 6/6]


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Over the past few weeks we've learned the fabled tales of Noah Lefevre and Damien Sandow Walec. Today we cover the tale of a man who's largely past his prime in life: Ryan Power.


Ryan's a bitter old man, but there was a time when he was a fresh faced youth not unlike Niko Bellic. Ryan could routinely be found sleeping on floors, eating out of dumpsters and telling his cousin that he doesn't want to go bowling. On the day of his 17th birthday, Ryan was called by the local mob boss, "El Jefe".




"Gringo, I need you to take care of a few chicos down by Old Town. They've been interfering with my 'business deals' down there. Clear them out."


Ryan grabbed a few guns and made his way to Old Town. Upon entering he found a few Spanish gang bangers hanging out next to a broken car. As he began to approach them several more gangsters showed up behind him, and soon he was surrounded.


"You've come to the wrong place Gringo. Old Town is our turf, and you aren't going to be leaving alive".


Just then a bullet went through the speaker's throat. The Spaniards began to look around in confusion, during which time several of the guys behind Ryan were dropped. Jumping into action Ryan helped his mysterious new ally clear out the remaining assailants, then made his way to the rooftops. Judging by the angle of the shots, Ryan assumed his new friend was up there.


As he made his way to the rooftop he found a skinny man in his mid twenties with a sniper rifle.


The figure stood and said,  "Man your life used to be way too interesting. Nice shooting."


Ryan was cautious, and so he drew his pistol and leveled it at this mysterious man, "Who the hell are you? And what do you mean used to be?"


The skinny man seemed unphased by the gun in his face, "Oh right. I'm a friend from the future. You can call me Jericho. I was sent from 10 years in the future to ensure that history played out the way it was meant to. You see, you and I are friends there. We have a small social circle from different parts of the country and we finally set up a meeting in Ontario. We were just celebrating your 27th birthday when you remembered that you were almost killed on your 17th. You sent me back to save younger you, so here I am."




Ryan lowered his gun, "Let's say I believe you. What happens in the future?"


Jericho smirked, "Oh you get super boring. You become this old man in your 20s who complains about his back pain and taxes. You leave the life of crime behind and hang out with a skinny man-child and a sports nerd on the internet. Truth be told it's actually kind of awesome, but you leave this GTA 4 lifestyle behind."


"They made a Grand Theft Auto 4?"


"Oh right, I forgot this is 2005. Yeah they do, and it's totally the best one. You should be clear from here on out. Just remember to keep your head down and that you need to add to skating earlier in Logan Laich's career."


And with that Jericho jumped off the rooftop and disappeared back into the time rift.

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