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Bratislava Gearing up Again


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Bratislava looks forward to Season 36


After mortgaging their way to a Championship win in Season 33, Bratislava looks like they may be at it again. They have three firsts in the first round of S36, and still a first in the S37 draft. GM Wong has been known to flip his picks to ensure they are all in the same year. With players like Mario Corvia and Lauris Prikulis developing into VHLM superstars, it seems as if the Watchmen are close to filling a team of talented players.


The upcoming draft is filled with top young defenders and one all-star goalie. There's little doubt the Watchmen are targeting Martin Brookside, as well as another defenceman to add to Prikulis. However, they've always been known for their offence-first style of play. There has been talks of Bratislava moving an S37 pick to acquire a top end scoring threat for next season.


Although most of this is speculation, it is exciting to see some of the new players being created, and how they may fit in with the Watchmen.

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