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Claimed:Giovanni Reuel Finally Breaks Out[Final 6/6]


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Giovanni Reuel Finally Breaks Out




Giovanni Reuel has been claiming all season that his game will turn around for playoffs. Since his arrival in Bern the Italian has been a resounding disappointment wallowing in mediocrity night in and night out. This Reuel was nowhere to be seen in the six game series against the Bratislava Watchmen. Reuel emerged as the difference maker in a surprisingly competitive series.


The Performances


Game One: Bern 4 – Bratislava 1

The series started with a one sided affair where Reuel proved he was a playoff performer. Dominating the play Reuel had a career high three point game, three assists including assisting on the first two crucial goals.


Game Three: Bern 2 – Bratislava 5

The series was now tied 1-1 after a disappointing game two. Reuel made an immediate impact assisting on the opening goal and scoring the go ahead goal to make it 2-1 at the end of the first period. Unfortunately the rest of the game went to Bratislava but Reuel was a part of both Bern goals and now had five points in three games.


Game Five: Bratislava 2 – Bern 5

After Bern tied the series two games apiece in game four; Reuel broke his single game point high in game five. Reuel assisted on the second period goal which made it 2-1 for Bern but then did something absolutely remarkable. In the third period between 10:02 and 12:01 Reuel assisted on three straight Bern goals, the primary assist on the second and third. An incredible feat for a player who only had fifteen assists through fifty plus games in the regular season.


Game Six: Bern 4 – Bratislava 3

Obviously it is nearly impossible for Reuel to surpass his performance in game five, but he played a major role in game six as well. While the quantity of points was not there in game six, Reuel did get the primary assist on Chuck Goody’s the third period goal which won Bern the series.


The Results


Giovanni Reuel finished the series against Bratislava leading Bern in scoring with one goal and nine assists for ten points in six games. He was a part of over 63% of both even strength and power play goals. While being tied for the team lead in +/-. Truly remarkable stats for a player who averaged less than half a ppg through the regular season.


What Changed?


We literally saw Reuel transform into an offensive threat overnight. There was nothing going down the stretch that would indicate this offensive explosion from Reuel. We asked him what changes he made to bring forward this kind of result. “I have always been capable of this, I just needed time to adjust to the speed of the VHLM. I don’t just mean my feet either. My brain had to catch up to the speed of the game. With our break between the end of the season and this series I finally had the opportunity to delve into film of my game. I gained a ton of perspective and when I went back out on the ice it just clicked”. Time will tell if Reuel’s dominant performance will continue but as of right now an argument could be made for Reuel as Bern’s most valuable player.


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Content 3/3 Good article, hopefully your success can continue.



Grammar 2/2 not much


Chuck Goody’sthe third period goal 


- chuck goody's third period goal


Appearance 1/1 Looks good


Overall 6/6

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