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Damn, it's weird being out of the loop in the VHL. But what better way to come back as we approach the off-season than with a slightly late VHL.com article about something.

Toronto fucked me over real bad in predictions. I was really banking on that Mike and then Stokes trades making them cup favourites and they go and get swept by Seattle of all teams. I regret telling Molholt to add to defence.

Worse yet, for Toronto, is that them winning the cup was the only way they could have justified giving Helsinki their entire future? And why oh why did they give their S45 1st when Edgar was the only goalie in the system for next season? Was he banking on Quebec trading Waldron? In any case, unlike so many other contenders, the Legion had a first in S44, and while it is Cologne's, they were clearly in a position of strength negotiation-wise and I doubt anyone would have actually outbid them for Stokes if they had offered the S44 pick. Poor, poor choices.

Fortunately for Toronto, the rest of North America is equally inept. Although I am not sure of Quebec's cap situation, they seem like they have another season or two in them, at least while Waldron is around. And alongside Waldron, Wolf. Maybe the key for the Meute is that surely they are favourites next season. Cologne is dead and buried after this one for long, Toronto has a depressingly good core in front of TOR G, and Seattle is, well, fucked. Stockholm and Davos have been waiting for this moment but the Dynamo have several question marks, and seem to not mesh quite as well as they might have hoped, as seen by their “third wheel” role in Europe this season. The Vikings, they will be good but how will Blake Campbell do with a full season?

Anyway, done, see you in my next 590 in 10 minutes.

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