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Claimed:Tim TebowGow Rookie Profile [Final 8/8]

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Tim TebowGow





Name: Tim TebowGow

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 188 lbs

Position: Center

Handness: Left

Hometown: Oslo, Norway


Tim TebowGow was secretly born in Oslo, Norway to Austin Gow and Jaime Tebow. TebowGow’s parents originally decided he should just have the name Tebow for simplicity’s sake, and young Timothy kept that name for a number of years. It was only when Tim decided to take up hockey that he decided to add Gow to his last name, as he hoped the historic last name of Tim TebowGow could help his career.


TebowGow’s professional hockey career started in Europe, where his dominance got him noticed in one of the most irrelevant places in the world, Minot, North Dakota. Minot’s GM saw something in this budding superstar and decided to claim TebowGow on waivers in the middle of the season. TebowGow performed good but not great in his rookie season, as he netted 28 points in 26 regular season games with the Gladiators.


This season, Tim TebowGow was drafted by the Bern Royals at #3 overall. TebowGow has lived up to being such a high draft pick, as he led the VHLM in points with 69 goals and 116 assists. Currently, the Royals are up 2-0 in the Founder’s Cup Finals, and TebowGow hopes to continue his successful career by winning his first Founder’s Cup. Next season, TebowGow will be joining the Calgary Wranglers via the GM rule.






As evidenced by TebowGow’s 116 assists on the season, TebowGow is an exceptional passer. Teammates are often amazed at how frequently TebowGow’s passes land right on the tape of their stick. One area TebowGow especially excels at with his passing is no-look passes, as he somehow has a feel for where everyone on his team is and is able to perform no-look drop passes with ease.


Hockey Intelligence


Wayne Gretzky once said, “Don’t go where the puck is, go where the puck will be.” TebowGow has taken this phrase to heart, as he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Whether it is intercepting opponents’ passes, creating breakaways, or always getting open, TebowGow just always seems to create plays. Many experts say he is just as good away from the puck as he is with the puck. Lastly, TebowGow always seems to know how to score a clutch goal at the last minute, because everyone knows all Tebow does is win. 


Skating Ability


TebowGow is one of the most fluid skaters on the ice. His top-end speed is hard to match, but what really sets TebowGow apart is his acceleration and agility. TebowGow’s acceleration allows him to make breakaways out of nothing, and usually results in him obtaining a loose puck before his opponent. His agility allows him to quickly move side to side to sidestep hits or adjust to the puck.






At just 6 feet tall and 188 pounds, TebowGow is not a very large hockey player. When playing against larger defensemen or power forwards, TebowGow is often knocked off of the puck by their superior strength. His smaller size also results in less puck battles being won by TebowGow along the boards. Lastly, TebowGow's smaller size could result in injuries if he is in a collision with a much bigger player. 




TebowGow is not a player who is going to deke his way around a whole team and score. TebowGow does not have much deking skills to speak of, with his strategy usually being to either skate or power his way through a defender. Many experts believe TebowGow’s lack of stickhandling is a major reason why he is a pass first player. TebowGow is certainly not the first player you want to call upon in a shootout. 




For a top-line center, TebowGow just does not have very good faceoff ability. He struggles to stay around the 50% mark for faceoff wins, and for some reason seems to have more success in defensive zone draws than offensive zone draws. Time will tell if TebowGow will ever be able to improve his faceoff ability.  

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Overview: 2/2 - Lovely Rookie profile. Your name is annoying to read imo. ;)


Pros & Cons: 3/3 - Very nice. You & I both blow on the faceoff dot all season, even though I'm not a center ;)


Grammar: 2/2 - Caught nothing really other then 

TebowGow   :ph34r:


Presentation: 1/1 - Pretty.


Overall: 8/8

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