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Heavy World Cup workload?

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Most of the teams in the upcoming S43 VHL World Cup have one thing in common: They feature two goalies that will shoulder the load. I say most because there is one team featuring a single goaltender: Team Europe, where Scotland's Hans Wingate will be in net.


The team roster choice belonged to European hockey expert Toast, and perhaps as a surprise to European hockey fans watching, neither of the VHLM's Clegane brothers were chosen for the team. Perhaps Toast couldn't decide between the two, or perhaps he was scared of seeing one or the other around the facility each day. Either way, the decision places a heavy burden on Wingate.


"We have a young team, but I expect us to stand up to the challenge," Wingate says. "Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that we can contend for a medal at least. Perhaps we're not the United States, but why not us for at least medal contention?"


The European team is preparing mostly for the S46 World Cup, when not only Wingate, but other stars such as Koenig, Strauss, Delicious, Humbert and Hamilton will also be in their primes. But for now, an upset win or two over Canada or the U.S., and a chance at a bronze to boot, would be a good way to go for the young team.

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