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VHLM This Week (06-15/06-21)


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The VHL runs a fantasy zone roughly once a week. VHLM players are entitled to both the VHLM Fantasy Zone as well as the VHL Fantasy Zone. In the predict the score fantasy zone, you will need to try your hand at guessing the final score in a certain VHL and VHLM game for 3 TPE. The other fantasy zone is a pick-em game where you pick the winners out of four match-ups. You must guess all four right for 1 TPE.

The Player store is still open for the season for those who have contract money in their bank. Players can purchase upgrades for your current player, or can pay their way to a feature spot in the VHL magazine.

Also don't forget to post in the VHLM Practise Facility to receive the easiest 1 TPE you'll ever get from the league. The thread is usually open at the beginning of the week and closed at 11:59 Sunday night.

Job Postings

Jobs are a bit scares around the league right now. The only thing that could be brought up at this moment would be a HOF article for the builder category in the league. The league needs one or two more people to step up for Builders category. Although newer players might be scared off by the task, you could always ask the veteran guys for some insight when the members first joined the league.

Point Task Spotlight

Each week members around the league put a great amount of effort into articles regarding many different things around the league. Here is some of the media spots written by agents of VHLM players in the past week.

New VHLM prospect Bubba Nuck who signed up for the league just over a week ago released his second point task since joining the league. Head on over and give some remarks or suggestions to help out the new guy.

Another fresh face around the league Benjamin Bellamount released his first graphic since joining the league on June 8th. Coming from an agency that doesn’t usually represent hockey players, it will be interesting to see the young man develop. Head on over and help out the new guy get acclimated to the VHL.

With the VHLM finals well under way VHLM prospect Wesley Babiy took a look at the match-up between Bern and Brampton. Another impressive article from a new VHLM player, who needs more recognition. Head on over and take a look.

A quick reminder for those who cannot submit a point task in a given week, the league offers a Welfare plan for those people. Take advantage of these TPE so your player continues to improve and not lose much ground to other prospects.

VHLM Games

VHLM Playoffs

After two conference finals that were highly contested, the VHLM is now in the final stages of playoff hockey. The Bern Royals and Brampton Blades are facing off for the right to take home the Founders Cup, but currently things are not looking too much in favor of the Blades. Down 3-1 in the series heading into game five in Bern, the Blades will have to play like it’s game seven from here on out to see another day. Although only one team can come out victorious, both franchises have had a great year of hockey and need to be rewarded for their hard work. Congratulations to both teams and everyone involved with them, and here’s to another forty-three seasons.

VHLM Alumni

Wolfgang Strauss

The Turku Outlaws alumni made the jump to the big leagues in season forty-two with the Seattle Bears, but Strauss really started to show off his game this season. Almost improving on his point totals from last season by 20, Strauss showed the league he could be the offensive powerhouse he showed in the VHLM. With the Bears looking to make a bigger impact in the North American conference and a few veteran players already announcing their retirement from the league, Strauss will need to improve on his fifty-two point performance and continue his strong development.

Niklas Kurri

After playing out his VHLM days with the Saskatoon Wild, Kurri made the jump to the big leagues last season with the Seattle Bears as well. After a rough rookie season that saw Kurri post a plus minus rating of -18, Kurri had to also deal with the ups and downs or being traded before the beginning of his sophomore season. Kurri was dealt to the Quebec Meute who were expected to be a top team in the North American conference in season forty-three. Kurri would improve on his point total from his rookie season, but didn’t carry that momentum into the post-season for the Meute, not registering a point in the Meute’s five game loss to the Bears. Kurri will be leaned upon the help the team through what could be another re-tooling year next season.

VHLM Radio

Every week, Mr. Philip Knight highlights a player from the VHLM. Last week the spotlight was put on VHLM prospect and Brampton Blades player Jefferson Jackson

VHLM Rankings

Joey Kendrick puts out a very impressive ranking of all the draft eligible VHLM players each week. Tons of work is put into these articles every week and give VHLM players a good idea of where the stand in regards to other prospects. Check it out if you haven't already. VHLM Rankings

VHLM Trivia (Please PM Your Answers to Jaladolar)ONLY OPEN TO VHLM PLAYERS

1. What are the names of the three newest VHLM players according to this article?

2. What teams did Niklas Kurri and Wolgang Strauss start their VHLM careers with according to this article?

3. What game is next in the Bern Brampton series according to this article?

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