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Claimed:Nuck 22nd - 28th[FINAL: 5/6]


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Effort:2/2 i feel how hard it is with gimp

Looks:2/3 Lighting is too much all ovfer the renders body. text could be better. bg is decent but maybe use some stocks rather then the light brush.


Claim 5

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Effort:2/2 Gimp sucks.. if you can get PS! 


Looks:1.75/3 Too much going on in this sig.. Eberle's face sticks out too much compared to the background and the text sticks out like a sore thumb. That said, using GIMP this is good! ..I think idk if it's a better program now.


Creativity:1/1 go fk cuffy 



FINAL: 5/6 

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