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Gamer or Failure?


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After playing 3 straight hours of WarFrame, budding VHL star Phil Hamilton has already shown signs of immaturity and irresponsibleness. Is that even a word? Well it should be.


The S45 defenseman's  failure to report to practice is not a good sign. he showed up 26 minutes late after reportedly playing this addicting space-ninja game.


"It's addicting. IYou can be 20 different types of fuckign space ninjas. Of course I would loss track of the time!"


His lack of responsibility is something that the VHLm General Managers should take note of. The S44 VHLM Dispersal Draft is coming up and Hamilton was expected to go high.


Hamilton recently suffered a heart-breaking loss at the hands of Bern to deny him and the Brampton Blades a Founder's  Cup. Is this the root cause of the problem? Is this how he copes with loss? Whether he will be drafted high or not at this point is probably certain - he will - but his attitude will need to change:




...It will need to change a lot. 

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