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Claimed:Bern Royals Win Championship over Brampton Blades [Final 6/6]


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Bern Royals Win Championship over Brampton Blades


As most people predicted heading into the playoffs Bern met Brampton in the VHLM finals. While the VHLM Magazine predicted a 4-1 series win for Bern, the defending champions Brampton were not going to roll over easily. The finals were truly one to remember, with high scoring affairs and close over time tilts. Ultimately Brampton could not defend their title and fell in six games. Here we will look at what Bern did right to secure the victory and why Brampton was unable to repeat.


Keys to Bern’s Victory



Chuck Goody Rising to the Occasion

Chuck Goody took over the games when it mattered most. Games one and two really set the tempo for the series, both going into overtime. Here Goody did his best work getting a goal and two assists, including the primary assist on the game winning goal in game one and scoring twice, including the overtime winner, in game two. Finally Goody emerged in game six to close the series opening the scoring and assisting on all three of Bern’s goals that followed. Goody willed Bern to the championship.


Second Line Scoring

While Goody dominated, the second line of Marcel Faux, Markus Muller and Marquis Hyvarinen had a remarkable performance. The success of Bern’s second line compared to Brampton’s was a major factor in the series. In both games where the each member of the second line did not get points, Bern lost.

In six games played…

Faux 5 goals 4 assists 9 points

Muller 2 goals 5 assists 7 points

Hyvarinen 0 goals 6 assists 6 points


Why Brampton Fell




Too Many Shots

The shot totals over this series were not remotely close. In the two games Brampton won they managed to out shoot Bern, albeit by a single shot both times. In the loses the shot totals were heavily in favour of Bern. To be specific, in their loses they were out shot on average by 19. In game two they let Coca Cola face 43 shots while only getting 14 on Bernie Gow. No one can get outshot this hard and expect to compete.


Snake Bitten Rookies

Two rookies were the focus point of much ire from Brampton fans over the series, Maxime Perron and Le’Sean Coutzen. Over the series neither player scored. Coutzen did not even manage to get a shot on net in four of the six games. Combined they only had three assists. Both these players were looking to make a name for themselves heading into the draft, this finals is not the showcase they had hoped for.

Le’Sean Coutzen 0 goals 1 assist 1 point

Maxime Perron 0 goals 2 assists 2 points



Brampton could not bring a strong defensive game every night. This resulted in them being hemmed into their own end for extended periods of time and while Cola regularly had an above .900 SV% his team never had the opportunities to score. Brampton did have some competitive games but truthfully it felt like they were under siege in their loses and it was only a matter of time before the walls ultimately fell. We will see if next season Bern can do what Brampton could not… and repeat as VHLM champions!



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Content: 3/3 - Great look at the series that was. So happy we won! I'm surprised how well the second line preformed. Bern 2 gud.

Grammar: 2/2 - Some minor things. 
over time - overtime

In both games where the each member = In both games where each member 
the loses = the losses 
their loses = their losses (x2)

Appearance: 1/1 - Yeah. 

Overall: 6/6

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