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Claimed:Kyanon Looks Ahead to VHLM Draft [Final 6/6]


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Kyanon Looks Ahead to VHLM Draft



Days after the loss in game six to the Bern Royals, Biggu Kyanon was back in training, prepping for his coming VHLM season. Despite only having played a short stint in the VHLM, Kyanon adapted quickly and was one of the best players for his club during the playoffs. In 12 games he posted 16 points, including 6 goals, led the team in plus/minus and shots blocked. Teams have already been in contact with the VHLM draftee in regards to his future and how he plans to round out his game next season. Predominantly, his skating and offensive skillset will be a big draw for VHLM teams looking to contend going into S44. VHLM aside, teams in the VHL have already been scouting out Kyanon as several teams have already inquired about his drafting preferences and outlook on the future. It comes to no surprise therefore that Kyanon is gearing up for the big stage.


“It was a disappointing loss, but I feel that I had lots to learn in that short tryout I had with Brampton, thanks to GM Terence Fong. Going forward, I’m just working on reinforcing my strengths and working on key areas in my game. It was a lot of fun playing with Philly Hamilton, though I’m not sure if we’ll be able to play together going forward. My goal however this season really is to get ready for the VHL draft. I think I’ll play out the season in the VHLM and have myself ready to be entering the pro league the year after.  That is the time table I’m sticking with currently.” – Biggu Kyanon, VHLM Draftee


The S44 VHLM draft looks like there will be a good amount of star goalie prospects going forward, which unfortunately will likely mean the scoring in the league will be driven down. Outside of that, Kyanon we believe figures to be one of the first dmen to be picked. The other dmen going into the draft that are contesting that top spot would be Thaddeus Humbert, a small swift defender with his trademark breakout pass and strong defensive positioning; Phil Hamilton, Kyanon’s defensive partner for the short time in Brampton whom possess excellent defensive smarts and puck moving ability. Taking up the wildcard spot is Marquis Hyvarinen, whom though raw in skill has intangibles that could propel him up the chart for a team looking to a defender that may be eligible for multiple years in the VHLM. Then of course a few forwards like Koponen, Coutzen and Reuel will be contending for the top picks in the draft.




With Oslo and Yukon being number one and two on the draft lottery results and each holding multiple picks within the first round, there is a possibility that Kyanon will land on one of these two teams. Other destinations include Saskatoon, whom holds two first round picks and has been a destination for several prior draftees from the Hockey School of Asia. Of those destinations, Saskatoon actually has players in the system that could provide a supporting cast, whereas both Oslo and Yukon have very few players and virtually none that could be considered top flight prospects at this time. Regardless of where he goes, Kyanon will be ready, currently with his 143 training hours, he ranks among the highest of all VHLM eligible players and will likely be hitting the training hours cap even before the VHLM draft rolls around.

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Content: 3/3 - Should be interesting to see where your player ends up at the VHLM Draft. Your player is a beast. Probably going to be a contender for first overall in VHL Draft. Good luck!!!!

Grammar: 2/2 - Lovely.
prepping for his coming VHLM season = prepping for his upcoming VHLM season. 
dmen = defencemen (Seems kind of informal to use Dmen - Not a big deal though)

Appearance: 1/1 - Pretty.

Overall: 6/6

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