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VHLM Mag...a free mag ?


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Since I've seen some interest about starting the VHLM mag, but not that much, I was having an idea for this. Well, this is simple. Whenever you want to do a quality article about the VHLM, the writer send me his article via PM and it'll be in the next edition of the mag. The VHLM mag section will be free access to every member and if they want to do an article for this week, they can post their interest in a thread. If you did an article but i've not enough articlse to do a complet edition of the Mag, I'll post a thread where I write the member who did an good article so they can claim their 7 TPE. Their article will be posted in the next edition but, they cannot claim it next week ( I don't know if you get want I mean). This looks very difficult to explain (first because I'm french and my english is very bad and because this looks like a complex idea).


If I can resume my idea :

Everybody can do an article for the VHLM mag every week.

If I have an complete edition (about 5 articles for every edition), the writers can claim their 7 TPE for that.

If I don't have enough articles, writers can still claim their TPE (not to loose a week for that), but they cannot claim that article for next week.


I think this can be a sort of a compromise to run the VHLM Mag and I think this can add some activity in the VHLM.


Sorry again for my poor english

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So basically, if I'm reading this correct, what you want to do is:

1) Anyone can write mag articles and PM them to you.

2) If you have enough articles for a mag one is made and the writers are paid 7 TPE.

3) If you do not have enough the article is used in the following week. The writer gets paid for the week they wrote the article but need to write another article or a normal PT for the week it's published.


Tried to make it sound easier but I think I may have made it sound more complicated. It's an easy concept (if I understand it) but tricky to explain.


Question though, where would this put us GFX VHLM Mag crew? Would that be open as well or would we still be employed and just do GFX based on the submissions you receive? If the latter, when would the deadline for submissions be since we need some time to get things made.

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Yeah it's basically that.

And graphic wise, I need a constant cover maker (in that case you)

I'll run the same way as before. I'll do an edition x thread with the title, cover title etc. We'll hope that writers will have ideas before Monday (The day that I'll post the mag edition)

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