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Should this Be Cuffs Last?


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Zach Cuff is half tempted to retire and user Cuffy was thinking about trying to get active in the league for the third time around. Maybe this time he will get to know more people around the boards and get active like he is on SHL. Wouldnt that be great? Cuff has been playing decent for the activity level of his User. I am not an active member on the site or the boards i manage to claim welfare every now and then and post in the LR. I have the ability to be active in the league and i think it would be a good idea to start from scratch again. I may or may not do it. I would like to know what some of the members on the VHL think of me retiring and re creating. Should I give it another go or what? I could even get active enough to someday get a job on the VHL which i havent even done on the SHL yet. Ive been active there for 10 seasons and still no GM job or updater or anything i have ever applied for. Kesler is able to get jobs on both sites so i dont see how i cant get a job on either so maybe ill start over on this site and hope to luck into a job and prove everyone i can do it. 



im thinking about trying again but idk :P

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Recreate sooner the better for me :)  The best way to get a job here I don't know about SHL is to be active.  Kesler probably has a million posts a day or at least seems like hes always there.  Can't just claim welfare once in a while and get a job.

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